Friday, December 31, 2010

Foreign Policy in 2011

An interesting clip, featuring Michael O'Hanlon:

And from the neo-communists: "The Afghan War, Terrorism and Media Propaganda":
As 2010 winds down, I am reminded that there is no Imperial policy more reprehensible and shameful than the war in Afghanistan. This war is constantly presented to Americans as an integral part of the War On Terrorism, but it is no such thing. The Afghan war is a pointless, expensive, destructive exercise in futility whereby American power is projected into southern Asia for God Only Knows what purpose at this point. Those who remember the Vietnam War, which was a much, much bigger senseless, destructive exercise in futility, know what I'm talking about.
Of course Vietnam was the necessary war of an earlier era, and we flubbed it. The neo-communists no doubt are looking for repeat in Afghanistan, with the concomitant consequences for America's global power.

More on this later.