Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Gender Feminist 'Rape Card'

William Jacobson runs a weekly series on the progressive left's use of the race card. I don't know if I'll do weekly write-ups, but no doubt there's a good comparison to be made with the feminist left's use of the "rape card" for political gain. It's been noted here in the comments that allegations of rape are essentially the new racism. To even analyze claims of rape is to be attacked as "misogynist." Or one's dismissed as a "troglodyte mansplainer." I wrote last night on Naomi Wolf's argument for disclosure of rape accusers' identities. The reaction among extreme gender feminists has been absolutely feral. For example, here's Andrea Grimes at the photo announcing that Naomi Wolf can kiss her feminist creds goodbye. And below that is Jaclyn Friedman's tweet indicating that the word "feminist" should never again be associated with Naomi Wolf's name:



The anti-Wolf tweets are pure demonology and ridicule, although there have also been a few essays in rebuttal. Here's Melissa McEwan, for example:
I'll simply note that her premise is intrinsically flawed as it's based on the erroneous assumption that we shield accusers because of some antiquated notion that rape is shameful. We do not. We shield accusers because survivors are routinely revictimized by rape apologists.

If Wolf's got a problem with the fact that we need to protect the anonymity of people (not just women, by the way) who allege sexual violence, then she needs to take it up with the jackbooted enforcers of the rape culture who pour out of the woodwork to try to silence rape victims every time one of them has the temerity to speak.
That's not so much a rebuttal as a reminder that today's gender feminists accrue power through perpetual victimhood. In my reading of Wolf's article, I saw advocacy for a bold moral agency unashamed at fighting for what's right. But with Melissa McEwan the rape culture is so all-prevailing (penetrating, one might say) that it's impossible for women to speak out without being "revictimized." If Martin Luther King, Jr., had adopted that approach we might still be fighting for integration and voting rights today. Seriously. Extreme gender feminists are setting back the cause of women's rights. It's not only embarrassing. It's depressing.

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