Thursday, October 1, 2009

From 'Knuckle-Dragger' to 'Traitor': Democratic Demonization Gets Threatening

You know, it's bad enough that we have cowardly Congressman Alan Grayson attacking conservatives as "knuckle dragging Neanderthals." That slur apparently received a warm welcome by the Democratic leadership. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared that Representative Grayson has no need to apologize, and that's despite widespread condemnation of Grayson from mainstream quarters. Gloria Borger decried Grayson's remarks as resorting to the exact same name-calling Democrats claim to denounce. The context for Grayson is Joe Wilson's "you lie" exclamation during President Obama's recent address on healthcare. Put aside the fact that the President is a liar and dissembler, it takes an awful lot of gall for Democrats to smear concerned citizens and their elected representatives in Congress as "knuckle-draggers."

That's par for the course, though, naturally. As Confederate Yankee so aptly put it earlier this week, "
The Real Extremists Are on the Left." (Leftists at a CBS News blog suggested conservatives should be arrested and shot while "attempting to escape.")

So it's no surprise to see the genuinely evil hatred at The Swash Zone blog this week. The blog's proprietor, (O)CT(O)PUS, has declared a jihad against the "racist" conservative "birthers" and "teabaggers." See, "

The party out of power has devolved from the Loyal Opposition Party to the Oppositional-Defiant Party,” and now the “Grand Insurrection Party.” The time-honored art of political compromise and consensus is dead. The GOP has opted out of participatory democracy.

Samuel Johnson once said: “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” Your humble Octopus disagrees. The U.S. Constitution affords plenty of mud-wiggle room for scoundrels. If patriotism is the first refuge, the First Amendment is the next, where cowards assert their bigotry and stupidity by saying anything they want under Constitutional protection, or so they think. The Second Amendment offers yet another refuge: When reason and civil discourse fail, the malcontents and misfits of the GOP invoke this Amendment to incite others to violence by proxy, or so they think. The fear-mongering, hate-mongering scoundrels of the GOP overlook a fundamental point.

We have the same rights. We won the last two elections. We have a mandate to reverse the failed policies of the GOP whether they like it or not. With each passing day, the GOP has pushed political discourse beyond the fringes of civilization, and the time is long overdue to hold them accountable before
more people get killed. I will defend my politics, my principles, and my person with words as I must and with arms (all 8 of them) if necessary. Octopus hath spoken.
If you check that link cited by (O)CT(O)PUS at bottom there, it goes to a site spreading more of the same leftists hysteria and smears surrounding the William Sparkman murder. Of course, as Ann Althouse noted recently - reflecting the view of more reasoned individuals, "I'd say that Sparkman, doing his census work, encountered a criminal enterprise — perhaps a drug lab — out where people thought no one would — or should — be coming around."

The real crazies are the radical leftists who can't tolerate passionate dissent. From Barack Obama to Nancy Pelosi, and then on down to the most frighteningly nihilistic elements of the extreme-left blogosphere, the Democratic Party looks increasingly intent to crush the free speech rights of traditional Americans concerned about real, rising threats of Democratic authoritarianism. It's quite amazing, really.


Mark Harvey said...


(O)CT(O)PUS has always been an idiot.

Mark Harvey said...

OOPS! I forgot the link...

AmPowerBlog said...


Thanks Mark!

Dave said...

Neal Boortz has been ripping Grayson a new asshole for the last two days, and has been doing it, as Noel Sheppard would say, deliciously from Orlando, too.

This "Havahhd" edjumicated congressional goober-cheese of an Obama dog-washer is going to be a one term wonder.

Count on it.


Dave said...

Of course, the best part of all this is, the dim's are not only severely outnumbered, but exponentially outgunned, too.

LOL-Talk about dumbMasses.