Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Is Bruce Jenner Neocon? 'Obama's Done Nothing'

Is Bruce Jenner neocon?

Maybe he'll become a celebrity spokesman for Liz Cheney's new PAC,
Keep America Safe. Both Jenner and Cheney are making the same case this morning about President Obama: “He’s done absolutely nothing.”

On Liz Cheney, see "'Keep America Safe' - Obama's Rhetoric Doesn't Match Reality."

Hat Tip: The Politico, "
Bruce Jenner: Barack Obama Undeserving of Nobel Award." Check TMZ for the video. (Via Memeorandum.)


charles bronson said...

So when a liberal celebrity speaks from their point of view, you say celebrities need to keep their mouths shut. But, when a conservative celebrity gives their opinion you praise them as if they just rescued school children out of a burning building.

rightwingprof said...

Bruce Jenner. There's a name I haven't heard or thought of in 30 some years.


you knowyoure a fucking joke right, even more than fucking bruce jenner who gives a FUCKabout god damn BRUCE JENNER you really spent your time writing a fucking blog about this guy, an ex reality tv show "star"? you should go on reality tv perferably where you live on a thirdworld tropical island where you can catch malaria or fucking ebola and do the world a favor by drowning in your own vomit