Saturday, October 3, 2009

A 'Major Storm' for Congressional Elections 2010

From Wizbang, "Some More Thoughts on 2010":

There is a tectonic shift at work in American politics today. Regionalism is a part of this shift. But the change movement that is simmering now is the manifestation of larger issues that transcend regionalism, among them individual liberty (ObamaCare), State's rights (Cap and Trade), national security (Holder investigation of the CIA) and a sound dollar (Federal Reserve secrecy). Oh, and unemployment (look at all the charts at the link).
Be sure to read the whole thing.

I especially love Wizbang's citation of Charlie Cook's response to Brendan Nyhan, "
Have you been in the South lately?"

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Theo Spark.


Philippe Öhlund said...

Great post, Donald! :-)

I think the biggest political problem with the present American administration not is the health care issue.

I think everybody agrees all Americans deserve an excellent health care.

But the serious problem is unemployment and accelerating job losses in America.

Every time there is a Democrat as U.S. President, Americans seem to lose their jobs by the millions.

If I was American and living in America I would vote Republican for the jobs.

Republicans are better at economy and mathematics than Democrats.

Have a great day! :-)

Philippe Öhlund said...

I saw something interesting in

Where Americans Earn The Most: Median incomes in these metro areas are the country's highest.

Donald Douglas said...

Thanks Philippe!

Babs said...

If Obama is suffering rejection issues from losing the Olympics,he will have a nervous breakdown come 2010 and 2012 . The idiot is going down.

Philippe Öhlund said...

You're welcome Donald! :-)

Dennis said...

There was a decision model on how to handle and accomplish the issues that were important. It involved assigning a letter from A Through D, with A being need to address right now to D meaning has no real value. B, you could wait a little before taking action and C was if you waited long enough it would go away. Of course there was movement between ratings. You had to be flexible enough and smart enough to keep abreast of the needs of your organization. NOTE: I am being somewhat simplistic in defining the process.
It would appear that the Dems sort of learned a decision model somewhat like the above mentioned, but they assign only a C or D to every issue. They seem to think that if they wait long enough that it will go away and people will forget about it.
I suspect that they are in for a rude awakening.