Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Barbara O'Brien's Mahablog: Apparently Not the Place for Scintillating Debate

I've been blogging long enough to know better. Barbara O'Brien, who posted on WikiLeaks, writes "Donald Douglas is too stupid to recognize obvious sarcasm, mistaking it for 'fawning'." Perhaps. But I thought the charge merited a response: "Progressives and WikiLeaks."

I tracked-back at Barbara's, and what do we find?

responds dismissively, "Some people don’t know when to quit." I guess that's supposed to be sarcastic, if not original.

And then c u n d gulag, Barbara's in-house demonic pustule,
left this:
DON’T click on AmericanNEOCLOWN’s link!!!

This turd pops up on the web and does this all the time, hoping to get people to go to his insipid website. Hey, NEOCLOWNIE, I’m sorry to see you back. I figured the cops finally had you on moral’s charges when you exposed your thimble-sized member to the JH School boys gym class. I guess there wasn’t enough evidence, huh?
I've seen c u n d gulag's similarly crude remarks before. Sadly representative of the intellectual firepower of today's netroots secular demons. I'm frankly astonished sometimes at the depths of leftist vulgarity. And the commentary is hardly better at LGM, where I also tracked back. Serves me right, in any case. I'm idealistic enough to believe that a reasoned, evidentiary argument would elicit a reasoned response. Call me stupid. Oh, wait, they already did.


Dennis said...

Robin OF Berkeley has an excellent commentary that generally explains the Left's inability to present cogent argumentation. What else can one expect from a regressive? I have to admit that calling these people Progressives is interesting especially given their desire to regress back to the failed ideas of the past. Regressive is a much better term.