Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Incoming Taliban Speaker John Boehner to Create Women's Restroom Adjacent to House Floor

Yeah, because Republicans treat women just like the mullahs in Afghanistan — "hostile to women's equality," as some progressive asshats might say.

The Hill (via Memeorandum):

Speaker-designate John Boehner (R-Ohio) intends to commandeer a swanky office space adjacent to the House floor and build a women's restroom for female lawmakers.

For years, men have had the luxury of using facilities located adjacent to the House floor, just outside the Speaker's lobby. But women have had no such option.

If women need to powder their noses, they must instead go downstairs or to a restroom several halls away from the chamber.

But Boehner wants that to end, and plans to direct the Architect of the Capitol to construct a women's bathroom in the space currently occupied by the House Parliamentarian.

Boehner said on Wednesday evening of his decision that "as we continue to evaluate ways to open up the people’s House, it’s encouraging to be able to make changes like this that are long overdue.”
Amazing how outgoing Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi didn't think about "opening up the people's House." Well, okay. It wasn't really the people's House. It was the Politburo's House.

Update: Linked at Lonely Conservative and SWAC Girl. And Dana Loesch links on Twitter.


Dennis said...

One has to wonder why it took a MALE Republican to actually think of women s' comforts. Just maybe that empathy of so called Democrats is as lacking as their brethren Leftists demonstrate.
Given the rules set up by government agencies for constructing a Women's Restroom one might see some problems, but that is no excuse.