Monday, December 13, 2010

Jesus Was a Wine-Guzzling Vagrant and Socialist?

No wonder parents are mad, conservative parents that is. Progressive parents --- and their lefist allies in the school unions --- are the ones cramming this stuff down our throats:


concerned citizen said...

Hm, well Donald, I'm torn. On the one hand, I don't think that's appropriate to have as assigned reading material for a high school. It doesn't even seem to be relevant to the class. I do think the parents have a right to pull their child out of school. Unfortunately, I'm not sure where we draw the line with deciding what books get to be in the curriculum, since a number of "classic books" also have material that people could object to. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

I have not read much about this Jesus Cult. I am writing a paper for my high school honors history class on various mythical deities. Could someone let me know if the following is correct? I like to confirm my source material:

1. The Jesus Cultists worship (on their knees?) the recently tortured carcass of a half man/half omnipotent being (can you be half omnipotent?);
2. The Jesus Cultists believe that masticating the flesh and/or drinking the blood of said mutilated corpse causes immortality (is this similar to the valimpyre cult?);
3. The above magical spells are set forth in an ancient text dating back thousands of years. (Wow!);
4. The magical corpse was sired by a more powerful (fully omnipotent) being that copulated (like Cronus) with a human female. This tracks as internally consistent, as I understand the larger myth speculates that this deity “created” all of humanity (some several thousand years prior) in his image; and thus it/he would have needed genitals to impregnate the human female);
5. Ridiculing the Jesus or practicing in the crafts of another deity (or even questioning those in the Jesus Cult authority circles) may lead to immortality as well, but one of some manner of eternal torture (like the Jesus, but worse); and
6. Jesus Cultists are not permitted to read any materials or engage in any inquiries that do not, fundamentally, reinforce the Jesus myths (or see number 5 supra).

Any help is much appreciated (with sources, if possible). My paper is due tomorrow! (Thank Christ for the snowstorm, or I would have missed my deadline!).