Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Why Elizabeth Edwards Left Out God

According to David Gibson, at Politics Daily, "Why Elizabeth Edwards Left God out of Her Last Goodbye." (My initial post is cited.)


Read it all at the link.

Gibson basically apologizes for Mrs. Edwards' rejection of God. But he allows himself a key admission:
Whatever Elizabeth Edwards believed at the hour of her death is known only to God ...
And here's this from the comments:
Wow David, you have gone to great lengths to try to convince us that non-belief is belief. Perhaps we can all agree that now Elizabeth knows the truth ...


Just a conservative girl said...

You don't have the right to question her faith. You don't know what was in heart, especially by only going by one statement. I am sorry, but people have the right to question your train of thought. Many people of faith don't wear it on their sleeves, that doesn't make them any less faithful.