Sunday, January 16, 2011

Britney Spears — 'Hold It Against Me' — Rule 5

I've been getting some updates on Rule from, from American Perspective and Maggie's Notebook, for example. And no updates needed from Theo, who's always on fire.

That said, I'm on a Rule 5 semi-retirement currently, and thus haven't been posting a lot of hotties. Not to worry, though. The Other McCain hasn't let the Tucson tragedy detract from the issue at hand: "
Ignoring Public Outcry for ‘Civility,’ Britney Spears Releases New Single." I planned to post the clip at some point, so here you go. Sony Records has been aggressively pulling down unauthorized "Hold It Against Me" videos from YouTube. But at top is the audio from Britney's VEVO page, and Daily Motion has the full theatrical clip below --- but no guarantee how long that stays up. Britney's hot. And later down the road on I'll reprise some of the hot Britney blogging that had been a staple around here in the past.

I also found this production video from 2008, and it's pretty killer.

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ADDED: See also Pat in Shreveport, "Full Metal Jacket Reach Around: The 'True Grit' Edition," and Saberpoint, "Moving On":
The Left is more than ruthless, they are evil. They seek to rule, not by persuasion or honest debate, but by any means necessary. They revel in slander, character assassination and violence. They are steeped in hatred for all who oppose them. They seek to create and hold a monopoly on news media and editorial opinion; they support voter fraud and stolen elections; they prosecute political opponents on trumped-up charges in kangaroo courts. They have raised "the politics of personal destruction" to a high art form. Fairness, civility and common decency are unknown to them. I do not see the American Left as fellow citizens, I see them as sworn enemies for whom I feel little or no commonality or fraternity.
Added: "AN IMPORTANT RULE 5 WARNING! - Do NOT tell Robert Stacy McCain that Morena Baccarin is now on Twitter!"


richard mcenroe said...

A Very Important Rule 5 Warning

Chris Wysocki said...

Thanks for the link-up Donald.

I've got some Rule 5 Jets Cheerleaders in celebration of the beatdown we just put on the Pats.

J-E-T-S! Jets! Jets! Jets!

Opus #6 said...

Very nice song. She still has "it".

And by that I mean sex appeal. God bless her.