Monday, January 17, 2011

CNN Poll: Majority Says Palin's 'Crosshairs Map' Not to Blame in Arizona Shooting — 49 Percent Say 'Harsh Rhetoric' Not a Factor

A new CNN poll finds that Americans expect that a "shooting like the one is Arizona will happen again regardless of what action is taken by government and society" (66 percent). Also, a large majority (69 percent) says that their opinion on gun control has "not changed as a result of the shooting in Arizona." The suvey's full pdf form is here. And with the exception of Digby (who says it's depressing the massacre's going to waste), there's not one of the blame righty progressives commenting at Memeorandum.

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Added: My first inclination was to disregard the partisan numbers, since the left has been so thorougly repudiated by the facts, and instead discuss the majority and plurality findings. But William Jacobson goes with the focus on the astounding number of Democrats who endorse the blood libel smear: "56% of Democrats Believe Palin Map Myth."


Dennis said...

Those numbers now and then do show up for Democrats on polls. One has to remember that most real Democrats left the party and became Independents, Republicans, et al. So what you have is a significant number of fringe Progressives, Leftist et al who try to hide behind the label of "Democrat" which almost always skews the numbers. When your numbers contain increasingly larger numbers of these people even though the numbers of avowed Democrats goes down then one gets this kind of results. Sort of like having a couple busloads of people come into your store and then using that to determine how you reorder. That and many of these polls are accomplished in a manner where something like this is the desired outcome.
It is sort of like re-reading the Journolist and its members affiliations. And one wonders why the "media" is so biased to the Left and why we have this massive failure by the very same media.

AmPowerBlog said...

I'm gonna have more on this. I'm now more blown away by that 56 percent.