Saturday, January 15, 2011

Nicole Kidman: The Interview

The Public Relations Office at Hearst Magazines sent me the cover image, and Nicole Kidman's one classy dame so here you go ...

At Harper's Bazaar:


And for the record, I've avoided celebrity blogging this past week while trying to learn about and report on the tragedy in Tucson. That said, Robert Stacy McCain's been keeping up with the hottie headlines, for example, "We Hate You, Jake Gyllenhaal."

Expect more on the celebrity side of things in upcoming days. It's been a sad week.


Anonymous said...

I hope Harper's Bazaar didn't pay for that interview. JA should stick to RomComs. That was about the most vapid conversation I've ever read or heard. It was like to high school friends meeting up again after twenty years and it goes like this.

A-Gee, you haven't changed a bit. You still look really good.

B- No, you do.

A- no you do.

And on and on and on...