Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Amid Growing Pressure, Obama to Back McChrystal's Troops Surge in Afghanistan

From London's Telegraph, "Barack Obama ‘to Announce 30,000 Afghan Troop Increase Next Week’":
President Barack Obama has convened his “war council” for the ninth and possibly final time before his expected announcement next week to send more than 30,000 troops to Afghanistan after more than 80 days of deliberations.

White House sources indicated that Mr Obama is preparing to address Americans in a live prime-time broadcast next Monday followed by testimony before Congress by senior figures such as his Pentagon chief Bob Gates.

The same sources said Mr Obama was close to deciding on an increase of between 30,000 and 35,000 more American troops in addition to the 68,000 currently in Afghanistan.

Gen Stanley McChrystal, commander of Nato forces in Afghanistan, who requested some 44,000 troops in an August 31st document that was subsequently leaked, is expected to travel to Washington to tell Congress of his plans for the troops.

Mr Obama convened a group of senior officials, including Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Mr Gates, at 8:13 pm. EST in the White House Situation Room.

The United States president has faced a growing chorus of criticism from hawks and others who have accused him of “dithering” and allowing the Afghan situation to deteriorate. White House officials insist he has been engaged in a process of serious deliberation that will prevent him repeating he mistakes of his predecessor George W. Bush.

"The delay is not cost-free," former vice president Dick Cheney told Scott Hennen, a conservative talk show host. "Every day that goes by raises doubts in the minds of our friends in the region about what you're going to do, raises doubts in the minds of the troops."
McClatchy says the troop figure is 34,000. See, "Obama Plans to Send 34,000 More Troops to Afghanistan." (Via Memeorandum.)

Also, from the New York Times, "Pressure Builds Over Obama’s Afghanistan Plan."

Hat Tip: Theo Spark.


SR said...

No. Obama is only sending 34,000 Troops when General McChrystal asked for 60,000 to win the war with very few body bags.

I fought there. I know what's up.

We need 60,000. Not 34,000. Not 20,000. Not 10,000. We need 60,000 additional Troops to win the damn war.

SR said...

My take: http://littleurl.net/e1339c