Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Stupid Socialists Prove Student Fee-Hike Protests Aren't Just About Student Fees

ABC News has the report on yestedays ANSWER protest at the CSU chancellor's office in Long Beach, "CSU Committee Proposes $900M Funding Request."

The protests were organized by the Long Beach ANSWER cadres, who I profiled in my earlier report, "
'We Need to Take 'Em Down' - ANSWER/PSL: Stop the War at Home and Abroad!"

One of the things that you learn about the communists is that they don't really care about gay marriage or student fee hikes. They care about revolution and they'll glom on to anything even tangentially related if it helps with the program of overthrowing the capitalist oppressors.

So, it's no surprise that ANSWER organizers would be recruiting students to the barricades up at U.C. Berkeley, but
Roman Zhuk's column at the Daily Californian illustrates perfectly not just the BIG LIE behind all the ANSWER activism, but the stupidty of the tools who sign up for the campaigns:

A UC Berkeley poli sci class ought to be a favorable arena for leftists to promote their views. But what transpired in one encapsulates how the movement against fee hikes, run by the far-left, is an exercise in organizing incompetence.

Two girls come into my class, invited by the professor to give a presentation. One of the girls wears a T-shirt reading "Socialist Organizer." Error No. 1: If you're trying to convince people to join you, you might not want to make such blatant sartorial attacks on the basis of the society they live in.

I thought I'd be alone in challenging the demonstrably wrong information they spewed. Instead, this happened to be a well-informed class where numerous other students jumped in to question their claims. What is their response? Start talking about everything but the issue at hand--the fee hikes. Mentioned were illegal immigrant students, prison policy, health care, the war and the market economy. By the end of the rant, it seemed as if there was not a single student who was not alienated in some way. Error No. 2.

Exasperated, our comrade says, in a condescending tone, something to the effect of "I know you guys are into making money and the stock market and stuff, but I believe education should be free." Because if you're not a greedy careerist, you must join her cause. Insulting your audience -- Error No. 3. Strikeout.

Compare this all to how the most left-wing candidate in living memory was elected to the White House in a relative landslide just a year ago -- a campaign marked by remarkable discipline and unity of message. Change. Hope. Obama. All Americans needed to know, and it worked. Thank goodness that was an aberration, rather than the left learning how to talk to people.
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Dennis said...

The problem with "Free" is that no one respects what they get for free. The things one values in their lives are the things they worked and struggled. Satisfaction comes from challenges met.
You would have to be somewhat lacking in the ability to extrapolate the ramifications of socialism to believe any of the drivel they attempt to put forth.

Anonymous said...

Of course the struggle for Socialism would be exactly what Dennis is ranting about--a struggle. These hikes haven't been "tangentially" related to capitalism. Our budget crisis was caused by the economic crisis which was caused by wealthy banks and their sub-prime mortgage crisis. UC Regents and CSU Trustees are using the crisis as an excuse to start baiting for money that THEY lost in mismanagement over the last five years. And so what if they agreed to ask for a billion dollars just like the UC system did. Each system is asking for a billion dollars while the State is facing another deficit of 21 billion for next year. Proposing to beg for money after you have already implemented outrageous fee increases and budget cuts is not doing anyone any favors, especially when they are expecting a 'no' from the State. It is an attempt to buy time, but when next year's State budget comes down and the respective systems of education go on the offensive again it will be met with much larger and more widespread resistance. The solution, within the system, is to produce revenue through taxing the wealthy. The only sustainable solution is revolution. You don't believe what I'm saying? See what happens after the State budget comes through for next year and what follows. Dialectical materialism is scientific.

Anonymous said...

And just to clarify what is being stated in the video in the linked article--the CSU Trustees approved a request of 884M which included the amount necessary to COVER a 10% fee increase not make a "fee increase unnecessary". In other words, when the State refuses to give the CSU system this money the students will face at minimum another 10% increase. Instead of relying on ABC, why don't you try reading some primary documents? But what can you expect from someone that admires Uncle Toms like Michelle Malkin and aspires to be like her? You're an idiot and a sexist, chauvinist Donald. Get off of the internet.