Thursday, November 19, 2009

So What's Behind the Left's Palin Smears? Lindsay Beyerstein's Got Your Answer!

You'll enjoy this PJTV segment with Dana Loesch, "Media Sharks Attack 'Cuda, So What's Behind the Palin Smears?"

It's a fairly short clip, and Dana's got the beat on the left's hypocrisy -- and she nails it in the introduction when she queries, "How do you solve the problem of sexist liberals."

After checking out the viddy, you'll be amazed how perfectly the discussion caputures the Female Conservative Derangement Syndrome found at Lindsay Beyerstein's post, "
The Truth Hurts: Newsweek's Palin Cover." For example:

The bottom line is that Palin's a clown. She doesn't get a pass because her chosen clown persona is stereotypically feminine.

She caricatures herself. Day in and day out. Good for Newsweek for pointing and laughing.

The story is about why Sarah Palin is a problem for the GOP. The picture answers the question. She's a problem because she's a freak with no judgment who regularly makes a spectacle of herself. Obviously, she's a potential problem for America because she's an incompetent leader who supports terrible policies. But that's not Newsweek's question.
You know, you just can't be feminine AND governor of the largest state in the union at the same time!

Right on,
Lindsay! Way to endorse female political empowerment!

And hey, great job stretching the bounds of journalistic propriety -- no conflict of interest for you! -- seeing that you're
now a published Newsweek contributor!

Shoot, this is great! Not only has Newsweek long and totally abandoned any shred of journalist objectivity (to say nothing of integrity), they're now in the habit of contracting with
neo-communist Firedoglake blog flunkies!

Man, things really are looking up for you, sweetie!