Monday, November 23, 2009

Carly Fiorina: The Next Dede Scozzafava?

I've noticed how much air time Carly Fiorina's been getting -- and I mean I've really noticed, since it was a student in of my classes who informed me that she's a recent cancer survivor. I didn't know that Fiorina was treated earlier this year for breast cancer; and now she's using that experience to provide insight into the ObamaCare reforms, and especially on the recent mamography controversy (and perhaps some gender sympathy).

And I guess that's no surprise. Michelle Malkin's got the former HP CEO's number, "Carly Fiorina Channels Dede Scozzafava, Wields Race/gender Card Against Conservative Rival":

Grass-roots conservatives, your attention, please: The NRCC and GOP dumped $1 million of your hard-earned money into radical Leftist Republican Dede Scozzafava’s NY-23’s campaign — money that was squandered trashing mainstream conservative candidate Doug Hoffman, who lost the race by less than 3,400 votes.

Now, the GOP elite Senate candidate in California, Carly Fiorina, is running against Democrat Barbara Boxer by…trashing mainstream conservative GOP rival Chuck DeVore.

Fiorina’s strongest argument against DeVore? He’s a white man and she’s not.


Asked why she is a better candidate than her Republican primary opponent Assemblyman Chuck DeVore (R-Calif.), Fiorina said that a woman stands a better chance of defeating Boxer.

“I have nothing against white men, I am married to one,” Fiorina said at a breakfast at Americans for Tax Reform. “But Barbara Boxer has defeated [them] over and over again.”

Political observers with long memories should remind Fiorina how Boxer engineered GOP defeat. Bruce Herschensohn, the Republican candidate in 1992, was a staunch and unapologetic conservative talk show host who came within 5 points of beating the San Francisco liberal. Desperate to ensure Boxer’s victory, dirty Dem operatives launched a last-minute smear campaign by shouting about strip clubs.

Herschensohn’s skin color and chromosomes had nothing to do with Boxer’s win.

In keeping with Fiorina’s identity politics-driven campaign, she also said today that even though she didn’t follow the nomination closely, she would have voted to confirm Obama SCOTUS pick Sonia Sotomayor.

An Obama echo, not a choice.

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Anonymous said...

This "woman" is a fraud. Talk about "diversity" and Affirmative Action double standards.

If she were a man, with the absolutely laughable business failures on her record and the complete lack of real, productive accomplishment, she would be laughed of the stage. Instead, the GOP has to make a play for the "urban professional women's vote" with here. And she IS a RINO too boot! What hypocrites!

The GOP needs to man up and get their heads on straight.

This idiot is an example of everything wrong with America: Incompetent frauds with good PR staffs, PC con-artistry and the suckers that are taken in by it.

In backing this fool, how is the GOP any different than the Dems and vile creatures like Babs Boxer or Hilary, neither of whom could so much as hold down a real productive job for 6 months.

How is this nation to recover when all we seem to be able to do is kowtow to fraudulent, would be aristos. It is like living in 18th centruy France.

Dr Doc dlcs said...

boxer is another politician. she speaks from both sides of her mouth. I'm feed up with both party's and after watching Glenn Beck the past few months, i am ready to go third party. I was vavering Mike Huckabee but I think it is TIME for CHANGE.

Sarge Charlie said...

I cannot agree with anonymous, I think she would be a great senator and I would vote for her if I could

JanineC said...

I keep hearing people like "Anonymous" whine about Fiorina, but I have yet to be shown any proof as to why she is not conservative enough or why she is so terrible. It is all personal attacks with no substance behind them. I think she might do a good job. With regard to what happened at HP, that was not entirely her fault. That said, if someone can please prove to me why I should not support her, then please give me something of substance to work with--not just personal opinion and conjecture.