Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Brad Blog, Media Matters Refuse Bill Sparkman Retractions; Blame Michelle Malkin and 'Friends' for Making 'Ugly, Dangerous World'

In a September post on the Bill Sparkman investitgation, the Brad Blog published an image of a hanging body labled "feds," with the tagline "they reaped what they sowed." The names of Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin, and Rush Limbaugh appear at the image, with the implication that conservatives were responsible for a "climate of hate" leading to the murder of Bill Sparkman. Brad Blog, at the post, lays out various hypotheses for the murder, but concludes by leaving no doubt about ultimate responsibility:

With all of that in mind, however, it's admittedly damned difficult not to look back at the kind of wildly-irresponsible and inflammatory rhetoric being slung casually across the airwaves to millions of viewers and listeners every day by folks like Bachmann, Beck, O'Reilly, Hannity, Limbaugh, and all the rest, without pondering questions such as: "What the hell are these people thinking?" and "Do they not realize that people are actually out there paying attention to what they have to say?"

We've long suggested on these pages that it would be remarkable if the rightwing Summer of Teabagging didn't eventually result in somebody's death. It's still too early to jump to direct conclusions here ... But it's very difficult to avoid wondering if that's exactly what may now have happened.

If the killer or killers are ever found, anybody here want to bet that they are found to be avid fans of wingnut media?
Now Brad Blog not only refuses a retraction of any sort for the smears, but redoubles the allegations of hatred against Michelle Malkin, "We Smeared Michelle Malkin, Michelle Malkin Says":

We're more than happy, even eager, to offer corrections and, as needed (and it's only been needed once) retractions to anything that we get wrong here. While we appreciate Malkin's desperation to find someone out there who screws up so spectacularly as she does on such a regular basis --- such hilarious failures have damned near become her meat and potatoes at this point --- this story hardly appears to be the one on which she should, pardon the tasteless pun, hang her hate hat on.

In the meantime, as the drumbeat
continues from the Right to foment still more domestic terror than we've already seen from their ilk, including even calls for the assassination of Barack Obama, as former Rightwing evangelical Frank Schaeffer has detailed on these pages (see the previous link for the latest such example), we can only hope it won't be necessary someday to call for Malkin's retraction of her silly story calling for a retraction. My god, has she and her friends made this world an ugly, and dangerous one in which to live.
Right. And this is the same blog that wrote this after the the Fort Hood Massacre:

Michael Moore tweeted within the past hour, in response to yesterday's shooting spree at Fort Hood:

After a shooting like this it's very important that no one jump to conclusions and take out any revenge against doctors or psychiatrists.
But check the Soros-backed Media Matters as well, "Is Michelle Malkin Really the Best Person to be Demanding Retractions?"

These people will never stop the campaign of evil demonology. When there is violence and killing, you call it out for what it is. Leftists never take responsibility for the devastation their campaign of politically correct terror-enabling. Dozens of jihadi attacks have taken place in the U.S. since 9/11, and Fort Hood saw the peak in the violence - it was the biggest domestic terror attack in the decade.

But for the radical left, it's the "teabaggers" who're making the country a "more dangerous one in which to live."

Got that?