Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Navy SEALs Face Court-Martial (And Some 'Red on Red' Controversy About U.S. Forces Thrown Under the Bus)

Fox News has the story, "Navy SEALs Face Assault Charges for Capturing Most-Wanted Terrorist." It turns out that the SEALs who captured the lead terrorist in the horrendous killings of the four Blackwater contractors in Fallujah are facing court-martial.

Pamela has an analysis, with pictures, "
Obama's Latest Attack on America: Navy SEALs Face Assault Charges for Capturing Most-Wanted Terrorist":

Obama ought to step in and halt this persecution of brave patriots immediately. But he won't. He's not fit to wipe their boots.

The enemy is O's friend and America is O's enemy. He is painfully unqualified. The man never worked a real job. He scammed the system the radical leftist way, he never served in the military, never lived one day as a proud American, and surrounds himself with America haters and agitators. These SEALs are cooked.
But for bloggers still figuring out the lay of the rightroots land, take heed at the controversy surrounding Allahpundit's post yesterday, "Three Navy SEALs Court-Martialed After Giving Most-Wanted Iraqi Terrorist a Fat Lip" (Allah suggests they'll get a "wrist slap").

Smitty at The Other McCain has a report, "
'Cleanup Team to'." Also, Jawa Report, "Throwing Navy Seals Under the Bus."

But check Uncle Jimbo himself, "
Allahpundit Sows His A** Ref SEALs":

I do my best to avoid red on red fire, but sometimes it is absolutely called for. Noted beta male and "many moons ago" entertaining blogger Allahpundit at Hot Air throws three Navy SEALs under the bus just to appease people who are only safe to be appeased, himself included, because of these rough men. No link from me ....

Let me explain something to you amigo. That wrist slap would be a career-ender in Spec Ops for these men. You understand? We take three guys who accomplish more in a lazy afternoon than you have in your entire anonymous, snarking-from-the-sideline, existence and we put them out of work making dead tangos. And that sounds like what should have happened to this ass clown. If he dies during the take down we have no problems.

I know you have no earthly clue just how god-awful complicated it is to actually perform a raid and scarf up a bad guy, let's just say it rates up there with trying to conduct a Beethoven Symphony with your orchestra in free fall, screaming towards Earth like a phalanx of freaking lawn darts. That is why we like to send a f**king Hellfire down on them and last time I checked that leaves a little more than a god damn bloody lip. And yes I am saying I don't care if he got it once he got to base. What if the guy who clocked his murderous ass knew Scott Helverson, who this bastard helped kill, burn and then defile his corpse? Do you really want to be on record saying he should be made an example of? Do you remember what Kos said about the four men this scumbag killed you dumbass? I'll remind you "F**k them". You are sure in illustrious company.

I realize you get paid to say controversial shite all day long. Every once in a while you ought to take a gander at who gives you the freedom to flap your freakin' gums and think twice before you decide that zero-tolerance demands that your betters suffer for some bullshit like this. Don't offer the PC losers cover, ever. They will use it against my friends.

There's more commentary at Memeorandum. I'm off to work for a few hours but will check back in here shortly, perhaps with an update.

But boy, that's a smokin' "red on red" debate.


Donald Borsch Jr. said...

Mr. Douglas,

Very impactful use of that photo of one of our fallen dead at the hands of these Islamic pigs. To say I am livid is definitely an understatement.

THIS is the enemy we face as a Nation. THIS is what they do. They rape, behead, stone, and burn their victims. I've watched attack dogs show more mercy and class than these animals.

If these SEALs do indeed get court-martialed, they better put extra protection on the detainees coming to NYC and that bastard Hasan in Ft. Hood. We are a kind and benevolent Nation, to be sure. But we sure as hell ain't beyond holding our enemies accountable. (Unless you are Holder or Obama and his Congress. Then it's all OUR fault, and we understand why you would hate us...)

Dark times we are living in, Mr. Douglas. God help us all.

C.H. said...


I found this infuriating...what has the world come to? Now we have to wait for the trial in NYC, where I have a horrible fear that the "suspects" are going to use our failure to Mirandize them against us.

Rusty Walker said...

This sounds like an unsubstantiated accusation from a captured terrorist regarding a minor infraction by Navy Seal guards. While I believe the Abu Ghraib prison scandal was alarmingly unprofessional and outrageous for military guards, we had photos of the incident. So, Ahmed Hashim Abed, plans and carries out murder and mutilation of American citizens, is caught, and while detained, allegedly is hit in the stomach, or was it the lip? Reflect for a moment on what happens when Americans are in custody of terrorists: tortured, decapitated, burned alive, put on public display among laughing Islamics! Okay, so we don't torture, then, are we to believe a terrorist’s statement over American Seals? It sounds as though the three Navy elite commandos by refusing a quiet non-judicial punishment and instead requesting a trial by court-martial, want their case well publicized. This might indicate their disgust at being charged and belief in their innocence. If the current political pressure on military brass continues it will promote second-guessing of troops in real-time. Soldiers in the field will become hesitant to act, putting themselves in further danger, and prison guards will experience a rise in false allegations of brutality from lying, Islamic terrorist prisoners. I am only hopeful that this story will further the American public’s growing disgust and alarm at the inappropriate empathy for Islamic terrorists by Obama’s administration.