Friday, November 27, 2009

Taliban Propaganda Channel on YouTube: Mujahideen Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Jihad Against American Puppets, Zionist Intruders

From Jawa Report, "The next time the Taliban kill an American, thank Google's YouTube service for helping spread their vile propaganda."

Yep, it turns out YouTube hosts a Taliban Mujahideen channel that publishes all kinds of videos documenting attacks on American forces in Afghanistan. One video, "Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan - Mujahideen Statement - 17-09-2009," renounces the "puppet government" of Hamid Karzai, repudiates democratic elections, and calls for the destruction of the "Zionist plan."

And there's more, for example, "Taliban Mujahideen Raiding Military Camp of the Apostate Puppet Army in Zabul," and "U.S. Base Annihilated in Afghanistan by the Taliban Mujahideen Oct. 2009."

At the "Mujahideen Statement" above, the video lists the URL for, which is been taken down for terms of service violations. But Blogger hosts Global Islamic Revival, or I should say kinda hosts, because clicking around at the blog brings up an error page. No doubt these jihadi websites post Taliban beheadings of the infidels, good for firing up the madrassas. Plus, a quick Google check turns up more Islamist extremism. Friends of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, you think?

But you know, of course, leftists will say it's all an American neo-imperialist campaign. We have no interests in Afghanistan. Bring the troops home. We can "invest" in pent up demands domestically. Hey, how about imposing a war "surtax"! That'll teach those pesky warmongers!

Sure, no problem, while we're at it we can turn a blind eye to the totalitarianism sweeping the barbaric periphery. But at least
the Obama adminstration's on the job! These people deserve civilian trials: