Wednesday, November 18, 2009

'Is There a Doctor in the House?'

My very good friend Megan Barth is now blogging at Red County. And her first post is a beauty, "Is there a Doctor in the House?":

Evidently not. But Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama would have you believe that doctors support the House’s passage of the 2000 page Healthcare bill. Purporting that the AMA supports the bill would have most of us believe that doctors are supporting the bill. However, the AMA only represents 17% of doctors nationwide. In fact, Barack Obama would have you believe that doctors perform unnecessary tonsillectomies and amputate limbs of diabetic patients to make a quick $50k in reimbursement dollars:

These statements made by President Obama were the tipping point for Dr. Joel Strom, Dentist and former President of the California State Dental Board and professor of Ethics at USC. He sought out his childhood friend, Dr. Reed Wilson, a cardiologist in Beverly Hills, and together, they decided to do something before something was about to be done to them, their practices, and their patients.

At first they thought about starting their own Southern California doctors organization, but the speed at which the legislation was being pushed through the House, they happened upon (D4PC). They believed in the organization’s prescription for reform, and Dr. Strom made a cold call to the founder, Hal Scherz, and the Southern California Chapter of D4PC was born. .

In the last few weeks, Dr Strom and Dr. Wilson, cold called hospitals and doctors and found that many doctors had no idea, like many legislators, what the healthcare bill would do to medicine.

Here are some facts about the legislation ...
Better head over to Megan's post to get those facts! And she's got some cool video there as well!

(P.S. Megan and I became friends through the Orange County tea party movenment. She was a lead organizer for the "
Orange County Tax Day Tea Party," and she's got a "Doctor and Patient Healthcare Rally" scheduled at the Westwood Federal Wilshire Building this Saturday, November 21. Check it out!)