Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Best Conor Friedersdorf Tweet Evah!

I'm almost rolled over laughing! Talk about hammering Conor Friedersdorf!

I'm checking my @AmPowerBlog replies and I find one from Sandra Binder. And then clicking on her page we get
this beauty:

So now I am totally following Sandra's tweets!

Hopefully next she'll put ever-so-worthy
E.D. Kain on the chopping block, and not to mention Andrew Sullivan (no link for him, but R.S. McCain's on the case, "Kentucky Census Right-Wing Lynching Fake Hate-Crime Suicide Schadenfreude Update).

No doubt
Dan Riehl's hip to it (see, "Conor Friedersdorf vs. Dan Riehl").

Who says
Twitter's worthless!!?