Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Democrats Go 'Berserk' over Going Rogue

I noted yesterday how the intensity of leftist opposition to Sarah Palin is an extremely good measure of her political power. It turns out that Andrew Malcolm's picked up on the theme, "Going Berserk Over 'Going Rogue;' Democrats' Reaction to Sarah Palin Book and Publicity":

Wow, for somebody who's supposed to be such a political joke, an Arctic ditz and eminently dismissable as a serious anything except maybe a stay-at-home hockey mom, Sarah Palin is sure drawing an awful lot of attention from Democrats and eager critics.

The launch of her "Going Rogue" interviews Monday on "Oprah," of her book today, of her on-air chat today with Rush Limbaugh at 10 a.m. Pacific and of her mid-America bus book tour Wednesday ignited a surprisingly large blizzard of derogatory Democrat dis-missives.

Every few minutes another note from Democratic National Committee operatives and others dropped into electronic mailboxes across the media-verse, helpfully passing on even the tiniest tidbit of negative news about Palin.

You know how sometimes a friend tells you how much he/she doesn't really care about....

...someone else. Really doesn't! And repeats it a sufficient number of times that you become convinced of precisely the opposite?

So maybe she does matter after all.
Oh no doubt, she matters. The main thing to watch is the money race: If Palin successfully raises a massive campaign war chest she's going to be virtually insurmountable in the GOP primaries in 2012. (And on this, note how Daniel Larison, our well-known enemy of the conservative good, is doing his unsuccessful best to debunk Palin's political inevitability. The AmCon America-basher sounds a bit like Bob Schieffer!)

More on that later. Meanwhile, here's a snippet from Palin's interview with Barbara Walters:

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Joyce Lewis said...

Last year, I knew, before any of the news media, who Senator McCain would pick as his running mate--I even told my husband as he ran out the door to work! I said how can they not know-when I know? Didn't they listen to McCain's criteria?
hmmmm...just a grammy...just an under-educated natural-born American citizen...why does the left see this woman as such a threat? BECAUSE SHE IS GENUINE! THE REAL DEAL--JUST LIKE ALL OF THE REST OF US MOTHERS AND GRANDMOTHERS--real person--who SPEAKS THE TRUTH! NOT politically correct-thank GOD!
So that is why all that they can do is denegrate--they have no soul--so they therefore denegrate what is real-what is genuine-what is true.

Dennis said...

If Palin did not matter then the Left would not spend so much time trying to marginalize her. You do not waste time and resources on someone who is what the left attempts to say she is if she was not a real threat to them.
At some point all of this will backfire much as it did on the Left with Reagan. They did not call Reagan the "Teflon" President for nothing.
Crying wolf so much only enhances the chance of the wolf succeeding.

Sarge Charlie said...

They fear her and feel the need to distory her, not happening...

dave in boca said...

Newsweak's sexist pigs who profess PC when it comes to Muslim terrorists killing at Ft. Hood have a cover that demonstrates why its readership is plummeting.

The Dems are so full of phony botox-biyotches who are uglier than sin, Barbara Boxer to front and center, that they fear a REAL GENUINE article, even if she has a homey accent and sometimes does an amateurish turn.

How about her counterpart Joe The Gaffer Biden, whom the media lets off the hook on a weekly basis?

Or the Secretary of State so stupid she allows the announcement of missile base extraction from Eastern Europe on the seventieth anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland?

Or Dear Leader himself, tongue-tied whenever a teleprompter goes on the fritz?

The ultra-left tabloids led by the NYT are losing readership at an average of 7% every six months while the WSJ is now the most bought and read paper in the country, passing USA Today.

The fishwrap "news" magazines are going down the toilet, where their politics deserve to be flushed.

The Dems are looking at 2010 and Nancy can start to steal memorabilia from the Speaker's office, in the grand DNC crime spree tradition, pretty soon, because her days are numbered and the Demo-rats know it!