Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bill Sparkman's Death Ruled Suicide: Meanwhile, Deafening Silence on the Radical Left?

Once again, Michelle Malkin nails the meme of the day, "When Will the Left Retract the Kentucky Census Worker Case Smear?" (Via Memeorandum.) Michelle posts this image, from the Brad Blog," which I had also posted in my earlier coverage:

I'm especially waiting for an apology from my personal race-baiter extraordinare, Larisa "Airhead" Alexandrovna. When the Sparkman story broke, Ms. A.A. wrote, "

Does that sound like a suicide to you or even the possibility of suicide? Is there even any room for that theory given what the police found? It is clearly murder, regardless of what investigators think was the reason for it (political crime incited by political hate speech or a drug related murder or any number of possibilities).
But of course, the motivation did matter to Larisa race-bait:

I think that it is also fair to question the role Rep. Michelle Bachmann (the psychotic, drooling, knuckle-dragger, ill-informed conspiracy theorist, birther and hater masquerading as a member of Congress) jihad against the Census Bureau had something to do with it.

I think people in positions of power inciting hate and violence need to be held accountable. As a public official, she has a duty to protect not only her constituents, but also the public interest. That duty is her priority, above whatever self-serving agenda she has.

We all have opinions. Some people, like Bachmann are ignorant, but like to share their ignorant views anyway. That is fine. She wants to make an ass out of herself, that is her business. But when she assumes the mantle of a public official, a member of the US Congress no less, then she takes on a certain responsibility.

As a citizen opining at whatever KKK rallies she attends, she is fully within in her rights. But when she appears on national television and tells the public that the President is a usurper who was not born in the US and cannot, therefor, be the President, she is playing a dangerous game. When she takes that sentiment and appears on Fox News and to an audience of rabid nationalists, pointing to a black President as a threat to white citizens, she is being even more irresponsible.
No doubt there are lots of other nihilist hate-masters like this who need calling out. Robert Stacy McCain is on the case with Andrew Sullivan. See, "NEWS ALERT: Kentucky State Police Will Announce Sparkman Investigation ResultUPDATE: Official: It Was Suicide."

Keep in mind that Robert's an authority on the Sparkman case, having done shoe-leather reporting from Kentucky, published at American Spectator. See, "
Murder and Motives in Clay County," and "Video: Media Bias in Kentucky Census Worker Killing."

P.S. Larisa's man-crush smear-merchant Charles Johnson's refusing an apology, even after leading the left's Sparkman murder hysteria with insinuations suggesting there's "strong suspicion that anti-government sentiment may have been the motivation."