Friday, November 20, 2009

Protesters Seize Wheeler Hall at UC Berkeley (VIDEO) -- Plus, Police Close Roads to UC Santa Cruz as Campus Comes Under Seige!

From Oakland's KTVU TV, "Protesters Take Over Wheeler Hall On UC Berkeley Campus":

A group of approximately 40 students protesting the fee hikes approved by University of California Regents Thursday have reportedly taken over Wheeler Hall on the UC Berkeley campus Friday morning.

KTVU has received reports that a group of students are currently occupying the building. UC campus police have cordoned off the building with police tape as eight or nine additional squad cars arrived to address the situation.

Students could be seen hanging out of windows on upper floors at Wheeler Hall. There are reports that police have already used pepper spray in one confrontation with the students. Officers appear to be preparing to make arrests in an effort to regain control of the building.

The students are taking a stand against the fee hike approved by Regents Thursday that will push the cost of undergraduate education to more than $10,000 a year.
Click here for KTVU video report.

Plus, at San Jose Mercury News, "
Police Close Roads Due to Protesting UC Santa Cruz Students."

‘Mobilizing Conference’ for Public Schools Revives ’60s-Era Campus Radicalism."

UPDATE: From Common Sense Political Thought, "Oh, the poor dears! Their tuition is too high, so they want poorer people to have to dig a little deeper to pay for their own privileged educations."

And here's more video, via the San Francisco Chronicle and Memeorandum:


science fiction writer said...

$10,000 per year is a bargain. These students don't realize what an education actually costs.

massageghost said...

what's an education actually cost rick?

Anonymous said...

I go to school at Berkeley, these students are idiots. Ignore them and they will go away.

Anonymous said...

fyi $10, 000 is in student FEES, NOT TUITION. This is added onto the $20, 000+ we pay to attend UCB.and for the student who said the student strikers are stupid, at least they are fighting for their education while you sit quietly and give more and more money for less and less resources, courses, and staff. yeah, but we're the stupid ones. Pot calling the kettle black.

science fiction writer said...

fyi Tuition listed on State of California websites for California residents is less than $10,000.00.

actual cost? Private education tuition and fees for my son and daughter was greater than $35,000.00 annually, not including living expenses. And that was more than a decade ago.

Students at public colleges have a huge taxpayer subsidy.

I worked for my education. In addition, I raised a family while I completed it: public schools for the undergrad work, private school for the grad work.