Friday, November 20, 2009

Sarah Palin on O'Reilly Factor: Media Elite 'Fear Voice from Heartland of America'

Bill O'Reilly's rolling out his interview with Governor Sarah Palin over three nights. Viewers got about 20 minutes on Thursday night. More tonight and Monday:

I noticed a real sense of political growth and maturity in Sarah Palin's latest interview. She showed quite the humility in acknowleding her own mistakes, and she demonstrated a sharp loyalty to Senator John McCain, saying she hadn't a negative thing to say about him. At the second clip, Palin suggests that the elite media feared "a voice that was coming from the hearland of America." She was also combative about protecting her family from the outrageous lies and media slanders. Palin said he was like a "mama grizzly ... you're touching my cubs, you're touching my kids ... no, no, I'm gonna respond, I'm gonna set the record straight ..."

Plus, don't miss my comments on Going Rogue I shared yesterday.

Hat Tip: Freedom's Lighthouse.

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Rusty Walker said...

So far, this interview is much better, and shows her presence of mind more clearly, than the Oprah interview.