Friday, November 27, 2009

Grad Students Bailing on Climate Science? Judith Curry Responds

Graduate students in the climatological sciences are questioning their professional choices in the wake of the Climaquiddick controversy. Climate Progress has posted a response from Dr. Judith Curry, a research professor at the School of Earth and Atmospheric Science, Georgia Institute of Technology.

Dr. Judith Curry, Georgia Tech professor and climate modeling expert, shows projections of the coming climate shifts during the opening session of Mercer's conference "Caring for Creation: Ethical Responses to Climate Change," on Feb. 27.


Note the sample letter from a graduate student:

Hi Dr. Curry,

I am a young climate researcher (just received my master’s degree from xxx University) and have been very troubled by the emails that were released from CRU. I just want to applaud and support your response on [95% of it :) ]. Your statement represents exactly how I have felt as I slowly enter this community. The content of some of the emails literally made me stop and wonder if I should continue with my PhD applications for fall 2010, in this science. I was so troubled by how our fellow scientists within the climate community have been dealing with opposing voices (on both sides). I hope we can all learn from this and truly feel that we are going to need voices like yours to fix these problems in the coming months and years.

Now, you'll want to read the whole entry from Dr. Curry. It's a pretty thoughtful and open-minded response to climate skeptics. But while she expresses a sincere affirmation of scientific integrity and the need for open and democratic replicability of scientific research, she in fact barely mentions the essence of Climaquiddick itself.

It's going to take a lot more than a few letters like this to restore any kind of integrity to the global warming field. In fact, it's nowhere near my field, but I wouldn't advise students to enter the profession of climate science, not unless they were totalitarian radicals themselves, and then of course they wouldn't be asking for my opinion in the first place.

Global warming is a scam. It's an industry that's bent on impoverishing the world in an attempt to implement one-world governmental control. The CRU leak of just the tip of the iceberg on this, for sure. See, for example, Vincent Gray, an IPCC expert reviewer, "There Was Proof of Fraud All Along."

Photo Credit: Mercer University, "
Climate Change a Moral Challenge For All People."