Friday, January 15, 2010

'What the Heck is Really Going on Here in Massachusetts Below the Radar?'

The video's care of Robert Stacy McCain, who is now in the Bay State doing on-the-ground reporting on the Massachusetts special election. Bill Clinton's in town, and Jammie's got this, "Overwhelmed With Grief, Aging Rock Star and Special Envoy to Haiti Abandons Post, Flees to Massachusetts to Campaign For Coakley."

But don't miss Sissy Willis, "Just a gal sitting in our living room in our virtual pajamas":

Who are we that Jim Oliphant of the LA Times/Tribune Papers would cold call us for a phone interview this afternoon on what the heck is really going on here in Massachusetts below the radar? Well, he tells us he did a google search for "scott brown," and there we were above the fold, right below Scott Brown's own campaign site. We've been blogging our tea-partying heart out about Hottie McAwesome since December 9, the day after our native son won the primary. Oliphant's article comes out Sunday. Watch this space.
See also, Brian McGrory, "Race is in a spinout" (via Memeorandum). And, Powerline, "Is the Globe getting off Coakley's bus?"

Hat Tip: Glenn Reynolds.