Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Buzzcocks, The Damned to Play the O.C.'s 'MusInk' Festival

Okay, I mentioned the Buzzcocks were playing the O.C. this weekend. It turns out that both The Buzzcocks and The Damned are the featured acts Saturday night at the MusInk Festival. Lots of skatepunks will be there:

I saw Pete Shelley in the early 1980s. See, "Pete Shelley - Homosapien." And I didn't know this about "Homosapien," from Wikipedia, "It was banned by the BBC for explicit reference to gay sex, e.g. the words "homo superior / in my interior." Banned songs? Not so good. Besides, I just liked the beat, LOL!

James B. Webb's no doubt hip to it. He's got the knowledge. NTTAWWT!!

I saw The Damned in concert too many times to recall. I'll post something on that group later.