Monday, February 1, 2010

Cynthia Yockey Declares War on Gay Patriot Daniel Blatt

When I had that blow out last summer with Cassandra over Erin Andrews, it wasn't long before Cynthia Yockey piled on with this lovely graphic:

To all the conservatives who thought Perez Hilton deserved this for calling Carrie Prejean names that were right on the money:

The real issue was not that I blogged the Erin Andrews nude video, but that I'm an advocate for traditional marriage. Never mind the fact that I've never "destroyed" anyone's life (that'd be Michael David Barrett, actually). Cynthia went after me when she saw an opportunity -- and frankly, I'd never had any contact with her prior to that. And then here she was basically advocating physical attacks on me. What's up with that? And this is supposed to be a conservative woman?

Well, she's turned her sights on
Daniel Blatt of Gay Patriot. See, "Gay Patriot West, With Friends Like You, Same-Sex Marriage Equality Doesn't Need Enemies." Cynthia's alleging that Daniel's never been in a "long-term, committed relationship," and this is supposedly the reason why he's not toeing on gay marriage totalitarianism. I recall Daniel arguing the issue should be decided by the states, as I have recently as well. But for his principled stand on the issue, Cynthia has declared a personal jihad against him:
... it is time for me to put Daniel on notice that I am going to start matching any further denunciations of the quest of gays and lesbians for equality, especially with regard to marriage, by ridiculing him as a man who has never been able to maintain a long-term, committed relationship. Therefore, I suspect Daniel’s rejection of marriage for ALL homosexuals really has to do with his personal inadequacy. But, if I am wrong, and Daniel has found someone, then I think truth and justice will still be better served if Daniel STOPS writing about gay marriage altogether until he has had one for at least five years.

This is all-out war, Daniel. You do NOT deserve to kill the hopes and dreams and aspirations of worthier people who NEED equality to have the same advantages and supports straight people do to build their lives together and support one another through prosperity and adversity until death parts them. Until YOU’VE been married to the man who is the love of your life for at least FIVE years, you do NOT know enough to write about same-sex marriage equality.
Notice how Cynthia offers no underlying argument here. It's really all hatred and prejudice, which is what she's supposed to be against. Why folks like Cassandra and Robert Stacy McCain continue to promote Cynthia is a mystery, but it's certainly not for any purported "conservative" values Cynthia claims to represent. She's simply a leftist who doesn't want to pay high taxes, basically, so any conservative blogger who doesn't toe her line ends up in the crosshairs.

In any case, Daniel's got more on what provoked Cynthia's ire. See, "
On Monogamy & Marriage."