Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Keith Olbermann's Plantation: 'Ask Yourself - Where Are the Black Faces?'

I'm really glad I happened to catch this video, c/o Bruce Miller at The Blue Voice and Blue Texan at Firedoglake. With every passing day I'm more and more convinced that President Barack Obama has worsened race relations in this country. It's something I've written about quite a bit, while rebutting the airheaded nihilists of the radical left. But Keith Olbermann, never failing to astound, really outdoes himself. A man with great power at MSNBC -- and thus the television media -- he hasn't the faintest inclination to responsibility. Anyway, it's a lengthy segment at the video, but worth a look. It illustrates the racist patronism of today's Democratic-left. After attacking citizen patriots as "teabagging racists," Olbermann implores tea partiers to ask themselves, "Where are the black faces" among you?

It's hard to be more racially offensive than this, for Olbermann's whole schtick essentially discounts America's achievement of the civil rights dream, one that culminated in the election of the nation's first black president in 2008. But it's more than that: After decades of Democratic Party policies that have systematically supressed black Americans (keeping them "in their place" through welfare policies of dependency, inner-city housing policies of ethnic warehousing, and voting rights policies of racial recrimination and ghettoization), Olbermann has the temerity to suggest that blacks just can't think for themselves. That's not to discount how the Democratic-left attempts to inculcate the young with the false consciousness of racial grievance and victimology. It's that on top of that Olby is asserting that black patriots need the "massa in de big house" to show them how to live.

The frightening truth for the left is that blacks and other minorities are extremely well represented in the tea party movement (and in fact, MSNBC has a history of trying to hide this). And of course it's leftist condescension in the extreme to suggest opposition to Obama is automatically racist AND that there aren't enough black faces in the crowd.

Olby should get a f**king clue, the bigoted pimp!

In any case, I wrote previously about
Mason Weaver, the great SoCal patriot and congressional candidate who just happens to be black. And recall patriot Kenny Gladney,seen here selling Gadsden flags at an event last summer, who was later beaten by SEIU thugs. Keith Olbermann certainly knows of Kenneth Gladney. He slurred him previously as at "teabagger" while spewing lies about the attack by the union goons:

You want black tea partiers, Olby? You got it:

I am the mob (not "black mob," mind you ... just the mob). And there are lots who stand with me, white or black, Hispanic or Asian, or whatever "self-identifying" constituency the left is exploiting for their disgusting race-bait politics of Democratic segregation.

Here's another great non-white tea partier, my friend
Michelle Malkin:

So, message to Keith Olbermann: All you've got is fear of racial emancipation. You'll die trying to keep blacks on the plantation. Can't have a free people, color-blind, criticizing the administration in Washington. That'd be, well, unpatriotic.

Anyway, Blue Texan sucks down Olbermann's effluent without a chaser, although Bruce Miller, who attempts a serious criticism of Olby's allegedly flawed case for "racist teabaggers," suffers from another form of hubris. Miller, with no actual citation, makes seemingly knowledgable comments like "patterns of discrimination by race have been copiously documented for decades in hiring, promotion, income, housing, health, education and on and on," only to turn around to credit the utter clown Dave Neiwert as some sort of scholarly authority:

Olbermann could also have pointed to research by people like Dave Neiwert, who actually knows something about far-right groups and their methods and rhetoric and has been chronicling their role in the Tea Party groups.
Actually, no difference: Neither Olbermann nor Neiwert knows shit about the tea parties. Fact is they've got nothing but fiction and lies. Meanwhile, tea party patriots are on the verge of taking back power and restoring the republic.

More on that later ...

UPDATE: Instalanche!!


G. PAR said...

I can not watch more than 12 seconds of this jerk without resorting to screaming "what an ass!"
Honestly. I wanted to watch to understand every aspect of this post but can't stomach the pompous idiot.
Is it just me?
Can anyone explain why this fool has a tv program?

Anonymous said...

an exact quote regarding evan bayh, from tonite's show...

"there is some sense, certainly on his way out, that he was over his head in this job."

is keith more familiar with the actual 'senate job', or the 'in over his head' part?

Anonymous said...

Has Keith looked at the masthead for MSNBC?

Tapline said...

I wouldn't waste my time commenting on anything this individual would write or say. He is not worth your effort...stay well....

Dave said...

Keith Olbermann was a waste of sperm.

Anon, Keithy IS the masthead over at PMSNBC.

Or should I say the shaft-head, as in head dick, what's in charge.


Rob Sterling said...

Of course a person who belongs to any race other than 'Caucasian' who shows up at a Tea Party or even GOP event is immediately discounted by the likes of Olbermann as inauthentic. It's a strange kind of projection - he ignores his own racism but stretches all reason to find it in us.

dave in boca said...

Hilariously, the masthead of the MSNBC 15 major reporters, from Morning Joe & his moronic girl-pal brzezinski through Joy Behar & Ed Schultz & the two O'Donnell pinkos all the way to Keith-O, Sport-of-Nature Maddow and the rest of the ragtag crew---THEY ARE ALL WHITE and the masthead for msnbc, which I couldn't find at 3:30AM, shows this collection of whitey Demo-rat hypocrites in full bleached-out splendor!

KeithO is projecting his own paternalistic patronizing condescending snobbery onto the Tea Party Activists. He's too stupid to figure out that "tea" stands for "taxed enough already."

BTW, Monday nite Jon Stewart skewered MSNBC when he brought up four leftard blogysteric headlines about Maddow "eviscerating" such-and-such a righty....

Stewart noted that eviscerating a personal is a capital crime, but since Maddow's acts were on MSNBC, there were no witnesses!

Olberboy gets more coverage in blogs that he gets eyeballs viewing his shit-for-brains slime-slinging rants. MSNBC ain't long for this world, being the shittiest element on the peacock deficit generator called NBC.

Clifton B said...

Hey Don, I linked you on this topic at ABC.

Anonymous said...

Since pretty near no one watches, does Olbermann actually say anything?

Advertisers ought to note, he's the gift that has me changing the channel at half time. I'm not paid to tolerate this bitter misanthrope, so I don't.

Anonymous said...

Olbermann makes Joe Biden look like a member of Mensa. These race-baiting pseudo-intellectuals on the left do more to damage race relations than the KKK.

Bilwick said...

Maybe there'd be even more Black (or actually brown) faces at "Tea Parties" if Mr. Olbermann and the rest of the Hive hadn't convinced so many people of African descent that--despite all the evidence of history--The State (the Uber Plantation) is their best friend and the smartest thing they can do is put their trust in politicians and bureaucrats.

Tex Taylor said...

Though I'm not a member of the Tea Party, nor have I ever attended, here's a bet I'll place with Keith Ogremann.

I'll bet straight up Mr. Ogremann there is a larger percentage of "people of color" (as if white isn't a color) attending the typical Tea Party protest than there is watching your abysmal show each night.

But I won't hold my own breath that the fired ESPN turned lefty fire breather will take my bet.

MaggotAtBroad&Wall said...

Ogremann is a lying fraud. He is paid $7.5 million per year to be a professional political commenter. Even if he's an incompetent jerk, his staff must know that the following black people are running as conservatives in the House in 2010: Angela McGlowan in MS, Allen West in FL, Les Phillips in AL. Michael Williams is another black running for the U.S. Senate in TX.

McGlowan, West and Phillips have all spoken positively about the Tea Parties, and/or attended and given speeches at them. I'm not sure about Williams. You can't tell me a man who makes $7.5 million a year to comment on politics isn't aware of this.

He's a fraud.

FurrBrain said...

I lasted till the part: ..buried deep inside of him is racism.. about 20 seconds in!
I never liked his football commentary. He's a total ass..

Victor Erimita said...

It seems to me an awful lot of blogosphere attention is goven to Olberman, who has a tiny niche audience on a channel no one watches but the most virulent loony lefties and (apparently) a lot of right wing bloggers who must watch him in order to become enraged by his ignorant, hateful rants.

The willful ignorance of the Olbermans of the world (a) fuels Tea Party backlash against arrogant elites who misunderstand and mischaracterize them, and (b) serves to keep his side unprepared in the emrging new political landscape, because they don't know or care who they are really up against. Because the loony left doesn't know who the Tea Partiers are or what their concerns are, they will be unable to effectively counter them in the political arena.

Anonymous said...

Where are the black faces at MSNBC? Just axing.

Cuffy Miegs said...

Democrats have made a point of claiming to championing the "common man", the "worker", the "Average Joe". Now that the "common people" are organizing into protest groups, to do everything in their power to oust Democrats, it's been a conundrum for them as to how to respond.

I assume no one here is surprised that Olbermann would turn to race-baiting to defend a failed administration run by the Democrats. There's hardly anything else for him to do, short of coming clean about their autocratic attitudes.

And Keith never comes clean. Never ever ever.