Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rachel Maddow: Calling for 'Civics Literacy' Makes You a 'White Hooded' Racist

At Newsbusters, "Maddow: Tea Party Conventioneers Are Racists In White Hoods":

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Listen to Maddow. What a crock. Oh sure, lteracy tests were required in the Jim Crow south, right. But actually, Tancredo's exact words were "we do not have a civics literacy test before people can vote in this country ..." See the Boston Herald, "Former GOP Rep. Tancredo: Civics Literacy Test Should Be Required to Vote."

As Newsbusters points out, civics literacy tests have been a requirement of immigration to the United States since 1917. And interestingly,
Maddow's own employer has a civics literacy test on its home page, where it says:
When immigrants want to become Americans, they must take a civics test as part of their naturalization interview before a Citizenship and Immigration Services (INS) officer ....


Viking said...

Wow, I took that test and got 75% ! and I'm Irish...

where do I pick up my passport?!

Jordan said...

They hear what they want to hear. Just recently I referenced a Vox Day post and the retort was that the man was a "NAZI" because of his article on the morality of race.

I was quite amused at that since Vox is a libertarian and that Jonah Goldberg has pointed out many times that those without a case for applying Nazism put it in all caps as to make it irrefutable.

Eric Messersmith said...

Morons. There is no "chief justice of the Supreme Court."