Thursday, February 18, 2010

Swash Zone's Cyber-Bully Harassment Escalates!

Leftists don't debate. They threaten: First I had E.D. Kain contact my department last year. Then last week Scott Erik Kaufman claimed that my blogging was so offensive that I should be fired. And today we have this post from (O)CT(O)PUS, which is the latest in the left's campaign of personal destruction, "THE RACIST BIGOT WHO TEACHES AT LONG BEACH CITY COLLEGE."

Folks can read the entire post for themselves. I'll post the comments here to get an idea of how much hate is bubbling up over there.

From Captain Fogg:
That people who are college professors can openly mock the idea that there is a history of black America worth regarding isn't sad, it's as disgusting as anything that ever came out of the mouth of Goebbels.

I would have left it in sight, just to remind everyone what American "conservatism" is really about: hate, arrogance and evil.

If it were still here, I could forward it to the dean of faculty at that god-forsaken, but publicly supported college he teaches at. To think that people pay taxes to support what nearly half a million Americans died fighting
From TNLib:
He and Brain Rage almost started WWIII and it lasted almost as long as WWII. He hangs out at Pam's and annoys the hell out of Truth.

He is a most despicable man. However, as vile as trolls like him are and as racist as his statement is, I doubt seriously if the university will feel compelled to act on it. Of course, if they're trying to get him for a list of other offences, this might add fuel to the fire. There could be a rule against using univ. computers for personal use but I seriously doubt it.

And then there is academic freedom and all the other freedoms, one of which is to simply delete.

Ever since I started blogging, I've wished we could filter out horrid people like DD. It would cut down on the amount of moderation the owner has to do
From (O)CT(O)PUS:

Here is an excerpt of email I just sent:

Dear Dr. Oakley,

This is to inform you that one of your faculty members, Donald Douglas, engages in a pervasive and pernicious pattern of Internet harassment. His comments would be simply annoying if it were not for racist, bigoted, and offensive content. Here is a link that illustrates the scope of the problem:

This is a serious matter deserving of your attention.

If this harassment does not stop, please be advised that I will avail myself of all legal means to prevent such future abuses.

Sincerely yours,

cc: [name of legal counsel redacted]

Win or lose, I can't imagine the school administration will be pleased about any of this. DD has taunted me for the last time. This time, I am determined to strike back.

And more from (O)CT(O)PUS (hyperlinks omitted):
Some folks have been wondering if this is a real person. I assure you, the subject troll is a real person who uses a real name. Here is the online faculty page for Donald Douglas, and here is his weblog.

The words of the subject (quoted in the above post) speak for themselves, no embellishments necessary
And from Green Eagle:
I used to look at his website once in a while. Some months ago, as some of you may remember, a video of a female newscaster changing her clothes in a stadium locker room circulated on the internet. This scum Douglas got his filthy hands on the tape and featured it and screen captures from it day after day, with the most disingenuous justifications for why he was wallowing in this vile, cheap pornography.

That was the last of my interest in "professor" Douglas. I suggest that this is a person with nothing to contribute to any discussion, and I believe any comment he makes should be immediately erased
And again from Captain Fogg:
I thought it was worth having you all see it just in case he shows up on his regular rounds and pretends to be a human.

I have no doubt that he will make a fuss about the "censorship" here by the Jew-loving, N****,loving, far left, Commie-liberal hatemongers and that at least some of his psychotic sycophants from "American Power" will show up to rave and spew and shit on the carpet like mad dogs.

Now that you see what he's like and how he feels about every thing good and decent I'm fine with deleting him
And from Bloggingdino:
I'll just say that his sham use of dialect as a response to our blog entries easily crosses the line that separates legitimate expression (however contrary) from unmitigated trollery -- something this man ought to be ashamed of doing if he calls himself a professor of political science.

As for academic freedom generally, I suppose it depends on your status -- if you don't have tenure (approx. 2/3 of teachers don't), you're really not so free; but if you do, then yes, it's pretty hard to get rid of you unless you do something truly outrageous in a very public way. It ought to be hellish to spend much time around highly educated, intelligent people who justly loathe you, but I suspect that the sort of person who inspires such contempt actually thrives on it and would tend to dig in his or her heels all the more firmly. It's the whole Ayn Rand thing, you know -- "I'm the only sane and superior person here, and I'm surrounded by collectivist mediocrities! Arrrgggghh!"
And again from TNLib:
bloggingdino - I don't think an individual like this has the ability to feel shame. This goes hand-in-hand with "the sort of person who inspires such contempt actually thrives on it."

He appears on other blogs as Anon. or whatever. Of course everyone knows who he is. All I can think is how silly that a grown man, a professor, should act so silly.

He and malcontent are cut from the same cloth. Lot's of anger there as well as the obvious racism. I have no doubt that either one of them could go postal
Honestly, I have no clue as to most of the stuff these people spew, although it's no joke that (O)CT(O)PUS contacted the president of my college.

In any case, the redacted section up there should read, "John Herfort, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher (New York)." The Gibson-Dunn website is

I'll update when I have more information.

But for reference, see my earlier post, "

Also, for the record, last September, (O)CT(O)PUS declared violent jihad against conservatives. See, "
THE GRAND INSURRECTION PARTY AND THE POLITICS OF TREASON." I have made a screencap of that post, available here. And I've saved the entire text of that post to a permanent file. I wrote previously on this here, "From 'Knuckle-Dragger' to 'Traitor': Democratic Demonization Gets Threatening."

Check back for updates on the latest in (O)CT(O)PUS' campaign to annihilate American Power!


Dave said...

LOL - Da'yem Dr. D.

Obviously you are doing it right.

Who knows? You might actually make Bathtub Boy's Wost Persons list someday.

That is when you will know you have truly arrived.

Carry on.


Cuffy Meigs said...

Why do you waste your time with such jackarses?

AmPowerBlog said...

I fixed the screencap, Dave. They'll keep threatening. It's pretty pathetic.

SR said...

The guy doesn't even rate all that good on Alexa and that's pretty bad.

Screw him and it's pathetic ilk.

Capt. Fogg said...

Just for the record, is it possible to be a bully for responding to repeated provocation even if the response is deemed excessive by the serial provocateur? If so, we would have to rewrite a bit of history, wouldn't we, since it would have been the US bullying the Japanese after December 1941 and the English after 1776, and al Qaeda after 2001 for instance. You're the professor, you should be able to explain that easily instead of hiding behind preemptive and absurd accusations of Marxist dementia and illicit relations with various bogeymen.

After all I didn't call you a bully when you accused me of planning to murder Rush Limbaugh when I suggested he be fired.

As to "truly arriving," I'd be curious to know if there's some sort of Valhalla for people who die after having irritated the most people or having avoided the most dialog with absurd accusations. I can't imagine what an unpleasant place that might be.

Should I apologize for taking offense at a racist comment, regardless of its source? I can't imagine why you should be offended at someone illustrating the life of a noteworthy black man or why you should assume hypocrisy. I could after all, be affiliated with the NAACP or be married to a woman of color or simply have a distaste for bigotry. You could, if you were the sort of person interested in dialog, explain that, but I'm willing to bet this will be deleted silently or responded to with hysterical sarcasm and wild flights of theatrical cynicism and diabolical accusations, judging from past performance -- but let's try it.

Are you capable of discussing anything without turning it into a fight so that you can avoid having to defend any embarrassing contradictions or having to take any position open to scrutiny? Will you simply invent some straw man and scribble something you attribute to me on it and set it afire?

If you prefer to write this off as a "pathetic threat" that evasion will be a sufficient answer.

Thanks for your time.

AmPowerBlog said...

Captain Fogg: My response is here: 'As Disgusting as Joseph Goebbels?'.

Rusty Walker said...

Aside from the rare exception of blatant illegal activity, any blogger with integrity, must never contact or suggest contacting, person's place of employment.

Unknown said...

"You could ... explain that"


"this will be deleted silently"

Not yet.

"responded to with hysterical sarcasm and wild flights of theatrical cynicism and diabolical accusations"

Ding! Ding! Ding!
We have a winner!

Blazingcatfur said...

Leftists are the lowest form of life. pay them no heed and keep blogging Donald.

Opus #6 said...

This is a typical tactic of the drooling left.

The bloggers at Hillbuzz have also had employers contacted and they have lost work due to Kos fanatics and targeted attacks because they refused to stop helping Scott Brown get elected on Massachusetts.

The left will stop at nothing to get their way. They feel that they have a lock on academia and your presence there offends them. You must therefore be outed and ousted. I hope you win.