Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Elizabeth Edwards Died Before Leftists Could Figure Out WTF Was Going On

Folks at Lawyers, Gays and Money are all about "close reading skills," so no doubt the fellow hatemasters at LGM will nudge SEK toward a correction:
I repeat: the first words Donald Douglas writes about the death of a mother of three is, and I quote, “[t]he story’s trending.”

I repeat: “[t]he story’s trending.”

That’s what death is to him: an opportunity to capitalize, via traffic, from the death of a political opponent. That Donald Douglas doesn’t even go through the motions–can’t even fathom that her acceptance of her fate was hers own, and accomplished with dignity, says something more terrible about Donald Douglas than anything I could write.


She wasn't dead, Scott. Better get back to that "great" teaching you're boasting about. You obviously don't have time to blog.

And while I got a kick out of Adele Stan at AlterNet, you, Scott, have made my day: "
Dancing On Elizabeth Edwards' Grave?"


Anonymous said...

Changing "Guns" to "Gays"? Really?

Left Coast Rebel said...

Wow, a new low, even for these Bolsheviks. "Trending now" = "people on the net are talking about this."

As simple as that.

Alex said...

I must repeat: please explain to me coherently how the only alternative to theism or religious belief is nihilism. This is an outstanding claim, one that is virtually self-discrediting. In fact, I'd ask any of the readers to answer my challenge.

Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

In that short piece your full name was mentioned 6 times. How does it feel to be a key word? You may turn up on Google trends.

Trending now, are those who worship themselves as the only god they need - Oprah...Elizabeth. It takes the great "I Am to an all new place, and reminds of worshiping false idols.