Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dancing On Elizabeth Edwards' Grave?

I wrote my entry on Elizabeth Edwards Monday afternoon. Edwards had just released her final statement. She died the next morning. I have prayed for her. As noted, I was surprised she made no mention of faith in God. The post got some attention from the nihilist fever swamps yesterday, but we're in pure gold territory this morning. Turns out Adele Stan picked up on my commentary at AlterNet, and she bungles it: "Righties Dance on Elizabeth Edwards' Grave -- And Use My Reporting to Do It":


Elizabeth Edwards, who died yesterday, has not yet been buried, but that hasn't stopped some from attacking her for being true to her personal theology even to the very end: a theology that does not include the concept of Christian salvation. They're using a column I wrote three years ago to make their case in a most uncharitable manner.

Essentially the Christianity Today, representing the respectable, serious side of the religious right -- picked it up. And that's just nasty. Or bitter. Or nihlistic.

I'm not sure how "august" Christianity Today is, but it was actually Wonkette that sent the post viral. And lots of folks have been snarking about "staying classy," which is of course what Demon TBogg does at his post: "Donald Dick." But the best so far is the pathetic racism-enabler BJ Keefe, who does an awful imitation of Sadly No! See, "Wingnut Taste."

In any case, I'm not "dancing on Elizabeth Edwards' grave." And I'm not holding my breath for a correction either.

BONUS: I've got a Memeorandum thread from my previous updates.


RandomThoughts said...

I think that for some, even daring to address a recently dead person's statements of faith (or lack thereof, as the case may be) taps a nerve. Mrs. Edwards was certainly an example of personal strength and grace through numerous crises. An example of faith in God? Not so much. Pointing that out isn't dancing on her grave, but it's bound to draw a reaction.

Your thoughts were similar to my own when you stated, "Clearly Elizabeth Edwards wants to put her faith in something, be it hope or strength or anything. But not God. I wonder if it's just bitterness, that's she's been forsaken by more than just her estranged husband --- that's she's been forsaken by Him."

I hope that at the end, she did feel God's presence, and knew finally that she had not been forsaken. I hesitate though to view her statements regarding faith as anything other than evidence of a painful life; to view it as part of some greater political motif is, I think, to fall into the liberal trap of making everything--even one person's faith--political.

R. Stanton Scott said...

You used the fact that Elizabeth Edwards died without begging "Save Me, Jesus" the way you think she should have for two things: to drive traffic to your site, and to make a claim about the faith of liberals, not to mention their "neo-communism," and smear them all with the old Godless Communist trope. Since this comes across as "that's what she gets for not being Christian enough" and "all the other commie pinkos can expect the same", it looks a bit like dancing on the grave to me.

But I like "Donald Dick." This nails it exactly, and I may use it, so I'm glad I clicked the link.

Anonymous said...

You are a pharisee that lacks the decency and love for fellow human beings that I expect from people who call themselves christian.

May the temple of selfrighteousness you peddle your disgusting trade in crumble and teach you some humility.