Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Imagine There's No Hatred

From the comments at Wonkette: "Would it be too much to wish this guy a painful cancer of the asshole?"

But hey, these folks are from the enlightened left. No doubt John Lennon would be proud. See "'Imagine' - A Lasting Hymn to Controversy."

And FWIW, at Rolling Stone, "
John Lennon's Last Days."


SummerRain said...

We continue to have the radical left media remind us of this this man & his wife. It never ends cause he's about the only person they can push on us that gives THEM some decency.

Just read a new book on conservative Americans who actually take a stand. It's a thriller & surprise ending. I recommend it cause it's about those of us who fearful of tyranny.

Dennis said...

The only thing about people that changes is the technology available to them at any point in history. To believe otherwise is to be a fool.
SummerRain makes a very salient point given that the "media" in this country has changed little from the likes of James Callender.