Saturday, March 26, 2011

America Still No. 1

From yesterday's letters to the Los Angeles Times:
Re "Letting others lead," Opinion, March 20

The headline could have read, "Let others lead as we pretend to follow" — pretend because everyone above first grade knows the reality is we have to lead. Oh sure, others saber-rattle and bloviate, but they need the U.S. at the forefront.

This is why we elect the supposed leader of the free world. This leader, however, goes out of his way to talk down his and his country's leadership — for fear of what, a poor international image? The international community is the first to come knocking on our door when trouble arises.

I am all for building consensus and strong coalitions, but never at the expense of our leadership role in the world.

Andrew Chawke

Sherman Oaks
It's pretty amazing this one got approved by the editorial board. Yesterday's lead editorial offered a nearly 100 percent opposite perspective. See, "The Libya Calculation."