Tuesday, March 29, 2011

'Man, the Donalde is such a douchey little freak'

From the comments at Rumproast, where those dolts are still trippin' on Sasquatch Israel. Pathetic bunch of asshats too. They're just steaming after being called out for backing the anarchists in London. Bloodthirsty mofos, the lot of them.

RELATED: Dr. Sanity has some comments on London's anarchy and the mental sickness of leftists:

The little children who make up the left side of the political spectrum have never learned that reality exists separate from their own wants or desires. They still want what they want when they want it no matter what. And they are prepared to stage a temper tantrum if Mommy or Daddy -- or Reality, in this case -- say, "No!"

You can ignore reality, but reality will not ignore you.

The question is why are so many so determined to ignore the fiscal reality that is taking down nation after nation; state after state; individual after individual?

Why, is reality no longer something that exists outside one's wishes, whims or wants for some people?