Wednesday, March 16, 2011

As the World Looks Away...

A thoughtful and acutely urgent essay, from Zilla of the Resistance, "Don't Let Them Sweep this Horror Under the Rug":
Please, do not let what happened to these people be forgotten, do not allow the media to get away with whitewashing the islamist slaughter of innocents. The MSM won't honestly report on what is happening, or why, so it falls to the rest of us. Get on your blogs, your Twitter, Facebook and other social networks, write/email/call fax news agencies and do not let this horror be ignored.

Remember what happened the last time the world looked the other way as Jews were massacred? Think it can't happen again? Well people back then thought that it could never happen in the first place.
Lots more at the link.


Zilla said...

Thank you, Donald.