Friday, March 25, 2011

Poll Shows Declining Support for Jerry Brown Budget Fix in California

At Los Angeles Times, "Poll shows public support for Brown's budget plan is slipping."

And see the press release at PPIC, "
Support Slips for Special Election."

RELATED: At SF Gate, "
Brown signs off on billions worth of state cuts."

The unions are mobilizing. I should have lots on California's Big Labor thugs in the weeks and months ahead.


Dennis said...

When you chase business out of the state you are left with those who are dependent on the state. Anything that creates a chance that that might affect that dependency is going to cause problems especially since most of the dependents voted for people who made them dependent.
Interesting that San Fransisco is quickly becoming a child free zone. Should not be too much of a surprise being that SF is very leftist.
I would not be surprised that if one removed all of the legal and illegal immigrant births that the state is showing the same thing.
Leftist policies are an anathema to children and parenting.