Thursday, March 17, 2011

United Nations Approves Military Action Against Libya's Muammar Gaddafi

At Los Angeles Times, "U.N. authorizes military action against Kadafi":
U.S. and allied forces began preparing for military operations against Libya despite doubts the outgunned rebels can be saved.

At New York Times, "U.N. Approves Airstrikes to Halt Attacks by Qaddafi Forces." Also, from Roger Cohen, "Be Ruthless or Stay Out":
What’s clear to me is that there is no halfway house. Spurn conscience-salving gestures. The case against going in prevails unless the West, backed and joined by the Arab League, decides it will, ruthlessly, stop, defeat, remove and, if necessary, kill Qaddafi in short order. I’m skeptical that determination can be forged. Only if it can be does intervention make sense.
But who takes power after Gaddafi's gone? That's one "con" that Cohen doesn't address?