Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Benjamin Netanyahu Promises Swift Response to Wave of Palestinian Terrorism

At Ynet, "Netanyahu vows 'firm, wise' response to terr or: PM says IDF has 'iron will' to defend Israel, apparently approves series of Gaza strikes":

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu convened an emergency session at Ben-Gurion Airport Wednesday, ahead of his departure to Russia, apparently approving a series of strikes in Gaza following the recent wave of terror.

"Ever since the government's establishment, we set clear policy – a firm response to any attempt to harm Israeli citizens, coupled with methodical, firm preventative steps against terror," Netanyahu said following the meeting. "This policy prompted two years of quiet and security, and all of Israel's citizens became familiarized with this blessing, enjoy the fruit of this quiet, and walk the streets fearlessly.

"We will act forcefully, responsibly and wisely to preserve the calm and security that have prevailed here over the past two years," Netanyahu said.
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