Sunday, March 27, 2011

U.S. Progressives Endorse Anarchist Violence at London Budget Protests

More excellent coverage of the violent demonstrations in London, from the Daily Mail, "200 arrested as anarchists fight police after 500,000-strong anti-cuts march... and cover Trafalgar Sqaure in graffit." It's a pretty pathetic sight all around. Conservatives have alternated between bemusement and outrage, but radicals on the U.S. progressive left are offering throaty endorsements of the mayhem. According Steve Hynd at Newshoggers:

Exactly this kind of protest is what the US needs to [sic] - aimed bi-partisanly at the corporate-serving conservatives and neoliberals who can find endless money for endless warfare, but none for nation building at home.
And No More Mister Nice Blog hesitates to endorse the violence, but ends up doing it any way:
I don't want to see it happen in England or in any other country. But what I do want to see happen -- a real reckoning for the worst abusers in the global financial system, accompanied by "shared sacrifice" that's actually shared, all the way to the top -- apparently will never happen through peaceful means.
Commenting at the post, CUND Gulag, a regular fixture of the demonic progressive fever swamps, offers an endorsement:
Maybe if we had some of this in NYC, Connecticut, Palm Beach, Rodeo Drive, Dallas, Houston, etc., some of the wealthy will realize that all of the security on the planet can't protect them if there are enough of us angry out there. I love Ghandi, and have followed his principles for over 30 years. The same 30 years that have seen our countries steepest decline. If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, like beating my head against the wall, I'm willing to try beating someone else's head up against that wall.
And from a commenter at AMERICAblog:
The only way we, the ordinary people, will get a decent chance at a decent life again is by rising up against our oppressors: The powerful, wealthy, neo-feudal authoritarians.
And from Sarah Jones, in a lengthy economic analysis at Politicus USA, "London Protests Echo Wisconsin Anger At Conservative Class Warfare":
I have yet to meet an honest conservative accountant who would not stress revenue as a crucial part of any balanced budget. And so the question really becomes why are conservatives so averse to doing the one thing they know will help the economy? If conservatives were serious about deficit reduction, they would raise revenue by taxing corporations while making careful budgetary cuts. The worldview of the modern day conservative is that everyone should fend for themselves, except for corporations and the uber wealthy, who are entitled to tax breaks and bailouts. This is not an honest ideology; and therefore, the debate is not about conservative financial approaches versus liberal. If we allow ourselves to have a debate over the deficit or over public sector employees “deserving” their pay, we are being manipulated.
And from the comments there:
The moral and intellectual bankruptcy of further enriching the wealthy few at the expense of everyone else is made even clearer by the protests in London. It looks like there are various rebellions going on around the world against that kind of ideology. The uprisings in Middle Eastern countries, while more bloody and violent against dictators who have been in power for decades, are a pushback against tyranny. Although this country and Great Britain are not nearly at that point, we are seeing threats to rights we have enjoyed and taken for granted for a long time. The common enemy is fascism, which is disguised as patriotism here and in Great Britain. As far as I am concerned, the Republican Party in this country has forfeited its credibility with the unabashed power grabbing of both the House of Representatives and these Republican governors. In their pursuit of power at any cost, they seem bent on alienating almost all American constituents. People like Palin, Beck, Limbaugh, and others are their foot soldiers in selling the kind of propaganda that induces Americans to vote against their own interests and look at other Americans as the enemy. The potential GOP candidates are a bunch of court jesters who are trying to outdo each other in mouthing the kind of lunacy that will get their base to vote for them, and who will willingly carry out the destructive agenda of the Koch brothers and their ilk. That’s why they are trying to dismantle any institution that stands between them and their efforts to reduce us to serfdom.
The comparison to Wisconsin is telling. So far progressives at home have resorted to thuggery, threats and intimidation, but frustration is building, obviously, and all it takes is one spark to set off a larger conflagration of violent unrest. Dan Riehl sees it coming:
We're not that far away from the freeloaders and Marxists taking to the streets in numbers like this in America.
And John Hinderaker issues a warning:
The first duty of any government is to maintain order. Peaceful demonstrations are fine, but mob rule is incompatible with civilization. Any government that cannot maintain order deserves to fall, and will. Napoleon had his faults--well, to be blunt, he was crazy as a loon--but he had the right prescription for dealing with mobs: a whiff of grapeshot.
RELATED: Telegraph UK has the rogue roster: "TUC march: The militants behind the violence":
A ragtag army of anarchists, squatters, student militants, environmental activists and radical academics planned the spin-off protests that led to violence during Saturday's march against cuts.
Coming to America.


Anonymous said...

This is why the bailouts NEVER should have happened in the first place. Corporate welfare is wrong. Now I am not saying that a business friendly environment is bad, but corporate cronyism is a slap in the face to the hard working taxpayers. I understand why the protesters are pissed, I am pissed for the same reason. What I desire though is not more government, but for the government to get off my back. Corporate cronyism is not just a sin of the right, but also of the left as demonstrated by the sweetheart deals the Obama admin throws around. GE is guilty of special treatment. This pisses me off beyond belief. My family is struggling to keep a small business afloat and feed three children and we don't get any sweetheart deals. I just want the government to get their greedy hands out of my pocket , stop interfering in our life, stop making intentional decisions that increase gas and food prices, and let us prosper. The problem is that since we went down the path of the bailouts, we gave the progressives every excuse that they need to take over. I fear the worst, they are not going to stop. This is our reality now. Everyone expects a handout since the banks got them. I don't see any incentive to work hard anymore, the harder we work the more is taken away. Maybe we should sell our business and go on welfare.

Also, can someone please tell me why anarchists are fighting for more government. Shouldn't an anarchist be fighting to get the gov off their back. Even though he is considered a progressive martyr, the guy who burned himself in tunisia did it because the corrupt gov stole his veggie cart and took away his lively hood. Do you think maybe this guy wanted the gov off of his back or more of it to harass him. People would not be unemployed if the gov was not such a bully requiring permits, taxes, fees, and confining regulations. Those kids in England are fighting the wrong devil. They need less gov not more.

Steve M. said...

You know what? Literally the second I posted this, I said to myself, "I'm sure Donald Douglas is going to link this and have a self-righteous reaction."

You're like a Pavlov dog. It's absurdly easy to make you respond.

M. Bouffant said...

a regular fixture of the demonic progressive fever swamps

Keeping a list, are we?

forked tongue said...

Heigh ho, a taste of buckshot should get those rabble in line! John Hindrocket would, of course, never resort to thuggery, threats, or intimidation.