Monday, March 21, 2011

Robert Farley Banned Meade? Meade!! Bwahahahaha!!!

OMG this is too rich!

Robert "
Moral Abomination" Farley of Lawyers, Gays and Marriage banned Meade, Ann Althouse's husband. Not only did he ban him, he deleted his comments! "Candy-assed" is putting it mildly! As Ann notes:
I don't link to them anymore, but I'll note that they are getting challenged about deleting all of Meade's old comments. They are trying to argue that all those comments were spam that needed to be removed. But the bloggers and commenters over there had interacted with Meade. You don't interact with spam. A step up from spam is "troll." But everyone knows not to feed the troll. Why did they go back and forth with Meade if he was a troll? Their interaction is the evidence that he was not a troll. Robert Farley simply became exasperated and embarrassed when Meade outwrote him, and he destroyed the material that made him look bad. He's like a scientist who destroys his data after his conclusions are questioned. The obvious presumption in the case of destruction of evidence is that it hurt your case. Of course, the evidence of their interaction with Meade is still there, and that evidence also, as I've just explained, is evidence against them. What colossal losers!
And here's Jason Van Steenwyk in the comments at LGM:
Bad form.

Petty, amateurish, juvenile and unprofessional. Particularly the vindictive deletion of Meade’s old posts.

What are you, an obnoxious 15 year old girl or something?

And the “pedigree” remark.

Follow the links back and check out the pathetic rationalization from Moral Abomination Farley. This is really just wow!