Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Whenever someone talks about 'the quality of the discourse', you know they're full of sh*t."

From the comments at Althouse, where folks had a whale of a time after Rob "Moral Abomination" Farley banned Meade. Also:
No big loss for Meade. I gave up on those shitbirds after one day. It didn't take 5 minutes for Koch/Halliburton/Truther/AGW-insanity to dominate any given thread.

Humorless and with no command of the language is no way to run a blog, LG&M.
I'm enjoying this one. Almost all of the evil LGM regulars are implicated, including DocAmazing, DrDick, and Malaclypse. CUND Gulag also haunts the threads, and Demon Dirtbag TBogg just loves Lawyers, Gays and Marriage, although I'd rather not wade through the effluence to find those freaks. The cowardice is exquisite, that's for sure.


Larry Sheldon said...

Has Althouse ever explained the hypocrisy of her remarks no with her support of Obama and his SS at the election?

Larry Sheldon said...

I have her filed with Andi Sullivan, Chuckie Whatzizname, AssofSpazzHQ,none of whom I read, or care to read about.

Blog authors that find any of thae worth reading aere not worth reading.

Tim said...

I know I haven't been a regular at LGM very long, but I've have contempt for "law" professors of the Orange County bent from long before I went to law school.

Is there any chance you could call me evil too? Having "enemies" like you would me so happy!