Saturday, March 19, 2011

Middle East Turmoil Messes Up Progressive Foreign Policy

There's a lot out there on this, so it's a surplus of fodder for hammering progressive moral bankruptcy in foreign policy. Note first how Glenn Reynolds couldn't resist pointing out the laughable hypocrisy of Andrew Sullivan (yeah, I know, the world's moved on from Sully, but it's irresistible):
ANDREW SULLIVAN, who once complained that Bush wasn’t interested enough in invading Iraq, is now unhappy with Obama on Libya. Yeah, I know, who cares — but it’s worth recording for posterity.

That second link goes to Sully's post, "The Imperial President." And you gotta love this:

To launch a war on these grounds is to set a precedent that would require a kind of global power and reach that not even the most righteous neocons have pushed for.

Really? I guess Sully's not hip to Great Satan's Girlfriend!

More on that later.

I'm especially tripping on Hillary Rodham Clinton, who's basically said "f**k this s**t" on Obama's FUBAR foreign policy. See New York Times, "
Shift By Clinton Helped Obama Take a Harder Line" (via Memeorandum). And just breaking, "France Sends Military Flights Over Libya."


Anonymous said...

This guy is George Bush light, he has kept all his policy in place. He is so far right you look like a leftwing

Old Rebel said...

"I'm actually not all that gung-ho on U.S. military intervention"

Sounds like you've put the gung back in your ho.