Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jews in Settlement Community Save the Life of Palestinian Woman and Her Newly Born Infant Wednesday

This kinda goes against the bloodthirsty libel of the global anti-Semitic campaign against Israel. At Elder of Zion, "Evil, extremist settlers save Arab baby's life. Leftists don't notice." And following the link there takes us to Ynet, "IDF, settlers save Arab baby."

After reading those pieces, check over at Jerusalem Post, where this letter was published yesterday, "
So it’s our fault?" An excerpt:
Sir, – I sit here in shock as Gershon Baskin looks to blame Israel for the lack of progress in the so-called peace negotiations (“The clock is ticking,” Encountering Peace, March 15). He babbles on and on about a Palestinian narrative of how Israel stole all the land, made the Palestinians refugees and now denies them their dignity...

We are all grateful – and I’m sure the Fogel family is very comforted – that Baskin condemns, along with all Palestinians, the slaughter at Itamar. But he does note that Itamar is home to some of the most fanatical settlers. I am sure that a three-month-old infant fits into this group.

Perhaps Baskin should look for another place to live. Why be part of such an awful nation that, unlike the loving and caring Palestinian people, doesn’t want to be a partner for peace?

More letters at the link.