Thursday, March 24, 2011

Authorities Shut Down San Gabriel 'Birthing Tourism' Maternity Center

This ought to feed the debate on birthplace citizenship. And these women are Chinese!!

At LAT, "
'Birthing tourism' center in San Gabriel shut down":

From the outside, they looked like other recently built San Gabriel townhouses — two stories, Spanish style, with roofs of red tile.

Inside they were maternity centers for Chinese women willing to pay handsomely to travel here to give birth to American citizens.

Southern California has become a hub of so-called birthing tourism. Operators of such centers tend to try to blend in, attracting as little attention as possible.

But on quiet, residential Palm Avenue, neighbors had noticed an unusual number of pregnant women going in and out, and some complained about noise.

On March 8, code enforcement officials shut down three identical four-bedroom townhouses functioning as an unlicensed birthing center.


Dennis said...

At least California has found one industry they are good at and haven't driven out of state. Unfortunately most of these people will not stay in California and pay taxes. Lets all sing "California Birthing on a sunny day."