Sunday, March 20, 2011

Britian's PC Enforcers Attack Melanie Phillips Over Column Denouncing Palestinian Terrorists as 'Savages'

The story's at London's Guardian, "PCC investigates Melanie Phillips' Spectator blog" (via Blazing Cat Fur and Memeorandum). As readers here of course know, Phillips is one of the most penetrating writers on the moral depravity not just of Islamist jihadists, but of their progressive enablers in the press, left-wing parties and online fever-swamps. Robert Spencer offers an excellent response, "UK columnist investigated for referring to jihad murderers of Jewish family as 'savages'." And check the commentary at Spectator's "Coffee House" blog, "The threat to a British liberty":
We have no First Amendment protection in this country, and we're suffering from it. Freedom of expression under attack in Britain, from our notorious libel laws to this new phenomenon of police forces being asked to investigate what people put on their blogs.
Well, even the First Amendment is no guarantee against the kinds of assault on liberty progressives have mounted on truth-tellers worldwide. (Hat Tip: Israel Matzav.)