Thursday, March 17, 2011

Keffiyeh-Clad Communists Call for Revolution in Chicago

Because, you know, it's all just a bunch of "imaginary communists" --- just ask Tintin, the blogging asshat at Sadly No!
"Because we do in fact hate commies, at least real commies, not the imaginary commies that community college Assistant Associate Professor Douglas sees lurking behind every potted plant."
More potted plants in Chicago.

At Rebel Pundit, "Anti-American, Pro-Socialist & Communist Immigrant Youth: “Open The F**KING BORDERS!!”":

Also, "COMING SOON – & Immigrant Youth Justice League Join Forces In Chicago Preview," and "Communist Revolutionary Comes out of the Shadows to Protest in Chicago."

The keffiyeh is the universal symbol of anti-colonialism and murderous pro-Palestinian radicalism. It's the symbol of anti-Semitism and diabolical evil. Stupidity is no justification for such cheap and easy death-to-Jews advocacy. These people are a disgrace --- the dregs of humanity, along with their pro-terror enablers on the progressive left. Yeah, that's you pro-terror Tintin Sadly-Nihilist.