Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Hate-America Left Mobilizes for Revolution

From Liz Blaine, at FrontPage Mag, "Organizing for Revolution: The Final ‘Push’ To Transform America."

“A revolution is an insurrection, an act of violence by which one class overthrows another.” ~ Mao

We are currently in the midst of a battle for the heart and soul of America. This war is being waged at our schools, the workplace and in our communities. States struggling to moderate impossible debt and balance budgets are examining ways to free themselves from the fiscal and political shackles imposed by labor unions whose exorbitant pensions and benefits comprise the bulk of their debt. With the economy tanking and the fight over public union benefits and collective bargaining spreading across the United States, a totalitarian minority recognizes this as their make-or-break moment – their time to seize control of the social and economic environment by force rather than individual choice.

Hiding behind the labels of progressive, labor and social justice, this totalitarian minority is intrinsically linked with Communist, Socialist and Marxist ideologies. Their goal is to dismantle the foundations of our government and force the revolutionary transformation of America into their worldview. The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), whose membership parallels the Congressional Progressive Caucus roster, describe their objective,

“To achieve a more just society, many structures of our government and economy must be radically transformed through greater economic and social democracy.” [Sound familiar?]

To accomplish their goal Socialists infiltrated leftist organizarions to the highest levels of leadership. The U.S. labor movement has a strong history of Socialist leadership but in recent decades members of the DSA gained control of the largest U.S. labor unions, AFCSME, SEIU and the AFL-CIO, creating a resurgence of militant communist/socialist views among their ranks. AFL-CIO Chief Richard Trumka recently admitted his main goal is using unions to fundamentally change America into his progressive vision.

The enemy is within and poised to destroy America. While speaking this past weekend in a closed session at the 2011 Left Forum, an annual gathering of Marxists and hard-left radicals that included Barbara Ehrenreich, Cornel West, and Frances Fox Piven, former SEIU banking director Stephen Lerner detailed the Left’s secret plan to “destabilize” the country. The full length video below reveals the depths to which the left are willing to go to seize control over the American economy. [H/T to The Blaze and Business Insider.]

Click through for the full video. The excerpted clip is at top.

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Mr. Mcgranor said...

A reactionary hello from the fringe, since the counterculture -- the left's agenda should not be much of a setback.

Dave said...

I agree with Wesley.

The idea that we are still a free country, much less still a "constitutional republic," is laughable.

And as I see it, the beginnings of our downfall predates the 1960's by about a hundred years.


Mr. Mcgranor said...

Dave, by the influx of the forgeign influence of Europe--the 1860's was a factor. The 1960's topped it all off.